9 Online websites to learn programming for free

Learning to program is easier nowadays, just have a computer and access one of the many websites that offer free courses. There are from the most technical, for professionals, to the extremely simple, which target children and young people and those who are starting in the area. Get to know 9 websites to learn how to program for free.

9 sites to learn how to program for free

9 sites to learn how to program for free

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy ( khanacademy.org ) is a completely free online university offering a wide range of courses, from supplementary to specializations, including issuing certificates valid in educational institutions in many languages.

The programming course offers several levels and teaches language such as HTML and CSS, SQL and JavaScript, among others. For beginners, the Code Time course teaches basics, with programs that appeal even to children and teens.

2. CodeCademy

CodeCademy ( codecademy.com ) is a fully programmatic course site containing multiple languages ​​divided into several modules.

It has very interactive HTML and CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Ruby, PHP, C# and other programming languages ​​and is free, but there is a paid learning mode that offers unique content and community support.

3. Coursera

Like Khan Academy, Coursera ( coursera.org ) offers a range of free courses, prepared by large institutions, from universities to companies like Stanford, Cisco, Intel, etc. It offers courses in Python, Java, PHP, mobile app development (iPhone or Android) and is free.

4. Code.org

The Code.org is an NGO which aims to teach programming in schools, especially for children (it is the Code of Time project), which is funded and supported by almost all major IT companies on the planet. The courses are not high level, they contain modules that use Scratch (block programming) and give simpler notions.

5. MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware ( ocw.mit.edu ) offers all online MIT undergraduate and specialization courses, which are freely accessible. You have the option of taking introductory language courses like Python, Java, C and C ++ and others or even Data Science, or completing a full degree with certification.

6. Code School

Code School ( codeschool.com ) brings a large number of language courses such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Python, as well as Databases and iOS, and is organized into levels and skills. You choose the path you want to study, practice what you have learned, and accumulate points. The platform is mixed, with free and paid courses.

8. edX

EdX ( edx.org ) is a joint initiative of MIT with Harvard University, which is also supported by other educational institutions and large companies such as Microsoft. Not only does it bring IT courses, it has a vast catalog of language modules like C#, JavaScript, Pyhton, Ruby, HTML and CSS.

9. Code Avengers

Code Avengers ( codeavengers.com ) divides courses into skills, separating them into three profiles: children and young people (who are just starting to program), professionals (those who want to improve their skills) and teachers (who need specialized tools). The site has language courses such as HTML and CSS, Python, Javascript and jQuery, as well as Systems Development, among others. The platform is mixed, with free and paid courses.

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