Overwatch CS GO : Useful Commands

Overwatch CS GO is an activity for the few, chosen by Valve to be FPS investigators. Their job is to analyze reports of bad players using specific tools for this purpose. See how it works.

How to Overwatch in CS GO [Commands]

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is the CS GO surveillance system where players act as match investigators; Your mission is to analyze user complaints, identify cheats or unfair players.

A CS GO player who receives a large number of reports is tagged to Overwatch and his case is dispatched to a number of investigators who have access to a replay tool to review the reported matches in detail.

Once investigators reach a verdict, Valve will apply sanctions according to the severity of the case, which may even lead to account ban.

How to Overwatch on CS GO

In order to become a researcher and join Overwatch, the player must meet certain requirements, which Valve has reviewed. The player does not need to be professional level, but it is essential that he is reliable.

According to the community, the chances of a player being selected to become a researcher increase if they meet these criteria:

  • Have more than 150 wins in Competitive mode;
  • Reach New Gold Rank 1;
  • Have a minimum of 350 hours of play;
  • Have a minimum number of bans and reports;
  • Have a not too new account.

The player is invited by the CS GO team to be an investigator and, once inside Overwatch, will receive complaints cases, with the most active members receiving more requests. Each case will have 8 random round replays, where only the suspect (whistleblower) is identified.

Verdict options are “Insufficient Proof” or “Evident Above Any Suspect,” where the suspect is found not guilty or guilty when most investigators choose either outcome. The investigator may also postpone the trial.

Cases analyzed correctly revert to experience for the investigator, whose amount is adjusted according to level. Valve also reviews investigators to prevent them from giving poorly made verdicts just to receive bonuses. In this case, the player may be removed from Overwatch.

Overwatch Commands

  • Shift + F2: Opens the replay panel;
  • spec_show_xray 1: Activates X-ray mode, allowing you to see through walls. Useful for understanding what happened in the match;
  • sv_showimpacts 1: Shows the trajectory of the fired shots.

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