Instagram: how to hide music sticker in stories

How to hide the music sticker from Instagram Stories leaving the song? There are two tricks to do this.

Instagram: how to hide the music sticker in stories

Instagram stories always have useful and often unknown to make their own unique and original stories. Hiding the music sticker, which lets you share songs (even with lyrics ), is an easily applicable option for those who just don’t know where to place the much-loved musical sticker.

Hiding the Instagram music sticker in stories can be useful to still have the chosen song in playback without the icon (sometimes a bit cumbersome) containing the album cover, the name of the song with the relative artist.

The music sticker, as we know, can be of different shapes and colors and can be modified according to one’s taste: it can become a horizontal bar, or a small square that highlights the album cover, be transparent or not, be colored etc.

But if you want to hide it, don’t want it to appear in the story but keeping the chosen song playing, there are a couple of useful tricks that you should perhaps know. Here’s how.

How to hide the music sticker in Instagram Stories

To hide the musical sticker in IG Stories there are two useful methods.

The first is to reduce the sticker size as much as possible so that it literally disappears from the photo or video we wish to share.

Doing it is really simple: choose the song through the musical sticker, which will appear accordingly in the story. Once positioned, it is sufficient to “pinch” it with two fingers (usually thumb and forefinger) and make it smaller until the latter appears in the story.

In this way, the sticker will disappear until it is reduced first to an imperceptible dot, and then to disappear literally.

Instead, the other useful method is to carry the sticker off the screen, so as not to see it once the story is published. Even here it is a relatively simple action: as soon as you have posted the sticker, before finally sharing the story, move it to the right or left until it is completely eliminated. The sticker, in this way will be positioned off the screen but Instagram, recognizing it anyway, will reproduce the chosen song without any kind of error.

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