PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (otherwise known as PUBG) was the first game that popularized the Battle Royale genre. The game came from a mod with the same general mechanics, but PUBG was the first with those mechanics as the focus. At the time, the games being released weren’t well-received by the gaming community. In comes PUBG and everybody went crazy for it.

Now, the genre has boomed, spawning various iterations all trying to cash in on its success. None really succeeded until Fortnite, which is now being rivaled by Apex Legends. So what makes Apex Legends a better choice than PUBG or Fortnite? How will you decide to make a PUBG, Fortnite, or Apex Legends account?

Here are some reasons to play Apex Legends instead.


Perhaps the most distinct difference between PUBG and Apex is the fact that there are unique characters to play as. Each has different skill sets and playing as one requires different strategies as opposed to another. Just by playing another character, you beat the repetitiveness of playing rounds over and over.

Figuring out how to effectively use a legend’s skills is part of the challenge, one that PUBG sorely lacks. In PUBG, nobody has those special skills to reinforce ‘fairness’. In Apex, your legend has unique skills no other legend has. To balance things out, there can be no two legends in the same team. There’s also the fact that the more you play a character, the more you understand how to use its unique playstyle to beat your opponents.

Faster Games

As opposed to PUBG’s 100, Apex only allows 60 players in the arena. That means faster games, which means that you can fit more firefights in a shorter amount of time. You get to enjoy more, even if you get eliminated early and spectate the whole thing.

Apex’s map is small compared to PUBG’s, being around 2 x 2 km as opposed to the other game’s 8 x 8 km. With that small space, player contact is more likely, even before the safe zone shrinks. One big problem with PUBG is camping. There, as long as you’re in the safe zone, you can hide and only move when the circle does. Some players find this tedious. Even while moving, you might not actually see another player before the circle gets small enough—but that actually depends on map population for the most part.

In Apex, the small map size lends well to more action and tension. You’re bound to meet another player whether you’re camping or moving around. Meeting other players mean more opportunities to die, and yet to learn more about the game. With this, Apex Legends is certainly more action-packed.

Better Optimization

Even after two years, PUBG still has the graphics issues it’s been plagued with since day one. High-end computers still struggle running the game. Players notice this especially when they come back after playing other games. In contrast, Apex, right at its release day, looks and plays smooth. There’s little to no bugs or glitches found, and they’re not enough to ruin the enjoyment of the game. It does come with a rather high system spec requirements, but it’s definitely worth it.

Are You Convinced Yet?

Once you’ve decided you’re going to play a game, no words from an internet article can change your mind. If you do decide to play Apex Legends instead, you may create your own account, or buy one! Make sure you get a fair price by using the Apex account calculator. Get started with your path to becoming a champion and play Apex Legends.

Good luck in the arena, Legend!

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