How to change DNS server on your iPhone

The DNS (Domain Name System) allows the domain name to be translated into the corresponding IP address to which it corresponds. Every time we connect to a site by writing its name in the search bar, this translation process takes place. One reason for wanting to change your address on the iPhone is to speed up the Internet. In this simple guide we will explain how to change it on your iPhone.

How to change DNS on the iPhone

First we need to connect to the WiFi network to which we want to connect. Once connected to the network, we go to the information section of the network, by clicking on the icon next to its name. We can change the DNS directly from this screen. Under Address IP, we selected mode DHCP, this means that the addresses are assigned dynamically (ie automatic).

We can modify the DNS by clicking on the address already present. We will be given the opportunity to change it. At this point, just delete the old addresses and insert the new ones, separated by a comma and a space.

We can enter Google addresses:,

Or those of Open DNS:,

We can do the same thing even if we want to set a Static IP address. In this case, however, we have to manually set the IP address of our iPhone, the subnet mask, the IP address of the router, the search domains and, if present, also the HTTP proxy.

Once changed, we can save the changes by going back to the previous section of the Settings. Just click on “<Wi-Fi” at the top left to save the new addresses. To verify that everything is working properly, it will be enough to carry out a test by entering the domain name of a website in the search bar (eg


If we want to return to the previous settings, just enter the old addresses again and insert the previous ones. If we do not remember them we will just have to dissociate ourselves from the network to which we are connected, selecting Dissociate this network, and connect again.

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