How to access blocked sites in iPhone

Nowadays you use your mobile device to surf the Internet a lot by visiting different Internet portals but often these are blocked by firewalls or are not accessible in the country where you are. In this new guide today we will find out how to access blocked sites in your iPhone, obviously if you have an iPhone.

How to access sites blocked by iPhone via VPN

Although it is possible to find numerous VPNs in the square, it is good and right to invest in a viable and paid solution as it offers additional features. In this guide we will talk about 3 VPNs in particular that we believe are the best: NordVPN, Express, and Surfshark. Before discovering how to access blocked sites in iPhone, you need to know the main features to consider to choose the right Virtual Private Network.

  • The 3 VPNs chosen by us provide an iPhone application, so you won’t have any compatibility problems.
  • Many argue that VPNs slow down the connection to the Internet but the 3 proposals manage to guarantee a good connection and bandwidth so as to transmit, download and browse smoothly.
  • To keep your information safe and above all private, you need strong encryption. Each of the 3 selected Virtual Private Networks offer 256-bit AES encryption, thus the top available at the moment. NordVPNIPVanish and PureVPN do not record any information regarding Internet traffic to your iPhone.

If you want to find out more information about the 3 VPNs chosen by us for this guide, we advise you to refer to the tutorial linked below.

Now you are ready to discover the steps to configure and use a VPN on your iPhone!

Let’s see together how to do it:

  • Visit the chosen VPN website, find the page about the plans, choose the one that best suits your needs and then follow the steps to make the purchase and create an account.
  • At this point, it is necessary to download and install the selected VPN application. In the case of NordVPN, Express, and Surfshark you can download the application directly from the App Store.
  • Once the installation is complete, start the app and log in to your previously created account.
  • Now, the VPN should automatically connect to the nearest and best server. Otherwise, use the search function implemented in the application to find and select the preferred server.
  • Once this is done, connect to the Internet site that you could not access and see if it works. If not, open the chosen VPN app again and set up another server.

If you continue to experience problems accessing the website, visit to check if you are connected to the VPN server each time or contact the customer service of the chosen solution. Find useful links below.

How to access sites blocked by iPhone using the IP address

If you do not want to spend money buying a VPN, you could try to access an Internet site that your iPhone cannot reach by using its IP address. So, if you know the IP of the Internet portal you want to access, just type it in the browser address bar instead of the URL.

Please note, however, that this solution does not always work. If you don’t know the IP address of a website, you can find it very simply by following our guide how to find the IP address of a website.

How to access sites blocked by iPhone by changing the DNS

In some cases, the block may be limited only to the DNS server you are connected to. You can solve this by trying to use a public DNS offered by GoogleOpenDNS or Cloudflare, going to change the server without slowing down your Internet connection. Below are some useful guides.

How to access sites blocked by iPhone via Tor

For those not familiar, Tor is a powerful, secure and advanced browser that uses a VPN to access blocked websites by transferring your IP address to multiple locations around the world. This practice prevents the display of original information and therefore allows access to blocked Web portals. The only thing to consider is that, since your IP is being moved around the world a bit, this could slow down your browsing speed a lot.

Having said that, let’s discover together how to use it:

  • From your iPhone, proceed with the download of Tor browser from the App Store and then start it once the installation is complete.
  • After a brief analysis made by the application, you can try to access the blocked website by typing it in the address bar at the top.

How to access sites blocked by iPhone: alternatives

In addition to the solutions listed earlier, here are some alternatives to consider if you still cannot access the blocked Web portal.

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