How to change DNS server on your iPad Easily

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With the aim of speeding up Internet browsing or bypassing the ban on access to some websites, we will reveal in this guide how to change DNS on the iPad using various solutions.

DNS: which ones to use on iPad

Before getting into the heart of today’s new guide, you first need to find out the best DNS servers you can use. The solutions that we will list in the following lines are completely free and international, so you can also access those Web portals blocked in your country.

The first that we advise you to entrust are Cloudflare’s DNS. Through a dedicated application for iOS, it is possible to change the DNS also on the 3G/4G network of the iPad in Wi-Fi + Cellular version. As stated by Cloudflare, its DNS offer a very high loading speed and fully respect the privacy of users because they do not keep track of data concerning the sites visited.

Even Google offers to its DNS servers that are characterized mainly for the loading speed quite high. Finally, there are OpenDNS that are fast and international.

How to change DNS on iPad from Settings

If you have a Wi-Fi only iOS tablet, you can change the DNS of a wireless connection simply by using the Settings. Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • Grab your iPad and access the Settings by pressing the gear icon found on the iOS home screen.
  • In the next step, press on the Wi-Fi item and press on the i located inside a circle in correspondence with the name of the Wi-Fi network to which the iPad is connected.
  • At this point, press Configure DNS (found below the DNS section) and choose Manual from the window that appears later.
  • Continue, eliminating the default DNS server by pressing on the – highlighted in red next to the address (which should be and tap on Red in the box that appears on the right.
  • Now, tap on (+) Add server and enter the address of the chosen DNS server ( Cloudflare:, DNS:, or OpenDNS: ) and the Save button at the top right to save the changes.

Remember to repeat the same steps for each Wi-Fi network to which you connect your iPad. In the case of second thoughts, you can restore the default settings by selecting Automatic instead of Manual in Configure DNS of the wireless connection and confirm by pressing Save.

How to change DNS on iPad via app

In case you are an iPad owner in Wi-Fi + Cellular version (even if the method is valid also for Wi-Fi only versions), then you can change DNS for 3G/4G connection using the Faster Internet Cloudflare app. It is a very simple to use and completely free application that uses a VPN.

Let’s see how to use it:

  • From your iPad, proceed with downloading and installing the software from the App Store and open it once completed.
  • From the screen that appears, press the Skip button on the lower left and move the switch above the Not Configured message to ON.
  • Once pressing the Continue button, you accept the installation of the VPN profile provided by the app Faster Internet.
  • Complete the operation by pressing the Allow button and confirm your identity by scanning the impression using Touch ID or the face using Face ID or entering the unlock code.

From now on you will navigate using the DNS of Cloudflare from Wi-Fi network data. If you change your mind, you can turn off the profiles of moving off the switch on the app or directly to uninstall the software from the settings of iOS.

In addition to the Cloudflare app, you can use a second iPad software called TunnelBear which allows you to browse through a VPN by disguising your IP address with a Japanese, British or American one. This is an effective solution if you want to access a website blocked in your country. The app is free, allows up to 500 MB of traffic per month and works even under 3G/4G network.

That said, let’s find out the steps to follow:

  • Proceed with the download and installation of the TunnelBear app from the App Store on your iPad and start it once completed.
  • From the screen that opens, fill in the E-mail and Password fields and press on Create a free account. Alternatively, click on Login and enter your credentials if you already have an account.
  • In the next step, open the e-mail message received at the e-mail address you set up just before and press the Verify my account button.
  • Now, go back to the app and click on Continue. Then move the switch on top to ON and accept the installation of the TunnelBear VPN profile by first pressing Continue and then Allow, then verifying your identity by scanning the face or the fingerprint or with the unlock code.
  • At this point, to hide your IP address, start TunnelBear and, if necessary, press the switch at the top to enable the profile.
  • End the operation by choosing the country to which you want to connect using the map.
  • At the end of the navigation, you can restore the default settings by moving the switch at the top of the TunnelBear app to OFF.

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