3 Kolin Tips and Tricks in Street Fighter V

Kolin arrived in Street Fighter V in the second season of the game. The character uses powers that involve ice, a lot of speed and a counterattack mechanic that can be very useful for those players who are more dedicated. See 3 tricks with Kolin in Street Fighter V.

3 tricks with Kolin in Street Fighter V

1. Who is Kolin in Street Fighter

Kolin is a direct assistant to Gill, the leader of a secret society and a big villain in Street Fighter III. Yes, Street Fighter V events take place before Street Fighter III. The series has a very confusing chronology.

The character plays a very important role in Street Fighter V, as she revives Nash and manipulates him in order to defeat M. Bison, all following Gill’s orders. In addition, she also “hires” characters like Juri to do other jobs for her organization.

2. V-Skills, V-Triggers and strategies

Kolin has techniques that involve the use of ice, this can help freeze opponents, but it also serves to increase the speed of movement in some strokes. It also has interesting features, like being able to cancel your trip with a special blow. Something that can fool some opponents.

Another skill that can be used to trick opponents is your Iciccle Stamp. This move allows Kolin to make a second jump in the air, which can trick opponents who play using many spells, facilitating a surprise attack.

tricks with Kolin in Street Fighter V 1
Kolin critical art in Street Fighter V (Image: Playback/Capcom)

Your Frost Touch is one of your best weapons, as it is a counterattack that can handle several types of blows. If she executes the command with a weak kick, Kolin holds blows like flats. If she does it with a medium kick, she counter strikes at half height and with a strong kick, Kolin defends high attacks, like flying. This is one of the character’s best features.

The V-Skill Inside Slash, if used at the right time, can parry an opponent’s strike and counterattack immediately, making the move both a good defensive and an offensive option.

Your V-Trigger Diamond Dust is quite versatile, as it can be fitted in combos and also allows you to hit an enemy on the ground. To improve, the blow still freezes the opponent’s stun bar. That way it is easier to leave the opposing character stunned, if you hit more strokes in a row.

tricks with Kolin in Street Fighter V 2
Kolin V-Trigger in Street Fighter V (Image: Playback/Capcom)

3. Kolin combos

  1. Combo: Weak punch, medium punch, strong punch;
  2. Combo: Medium kick, strong punch, strong punch + strong kick ( V-Trigger );
  3. Combo: Weak punch, medium punch, strong punch, Parabellum;
  4. Combo: Weak punch, medium punch, strong punch, ParabellumFrost Tower;

How to unlock Kolin in Street Fighter V

Kolin is a character inserted in the second season of the game and is not in the base game. You can unlock Kolin in three ways:

  1. Through Fight Money: If you have accumulated more than 100,000 Fight Money, you can consider buying the fighter with these points at the game store;
  2. Through Season Pass: You can purchase “Season Pass 2” on PSN or Steam. That way you get Kolin and the other characters from the second season;
  3.  Through Street Fighter V: Champion Edition: This version of the game has all the characters released until the end of the fourth season;

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