3 Tricks with Nash in Street Fighter V

Nash is present in Street Fighter V, Guile’s best friend has become one of the important characters in the somewhat confusing storyline of the fifth game franchise. However, it proved to be a great choice to play and had its game system refurbished, so we will give 3 tricks with Nash in Street Fighter V.

Nash in Street Fighter V

1. Nash in Street Fighter V

Nash had his debut in Street Fighter Zero, also known as Street Fighter Alpha in English-speaking countries. Nash became very popular for being well balanced and being a natural replacement for Guile in many Capcom games during the 2000s.

If I were to make a dull joke, I could say that Nash is the Krillin equivalent of Dragon Ball in Street Fighter. Reason? Well, like Krillin, no matter what, Nash always dies. However, like Jason from the horror movies, he always comes back.

The character also had a confusion involving his name, as in the Japanese versions of the Street Fighter Zero / Alpha series, he was named Nash, while western versions were named Charlie. To resolve the issue, in Street Fighter V, Capcom named the character Charlie Nash, a name that was first used in a comic published by UDON in 2003.

2. V-Skills, V-Triggers and strategies

Nash has always been a charging character, similar to his friend Guile. That is why his strokes were based on commands such as: “down / up” or “back / front”. In Street Fighter V, that changed radically, when they transformed Nash into a character with commands similar to Ryu and Ken, with that the character gained more aggressive game characteristics.

Your Sonic Boom is one of the most treacherous spells in the game, because the command made with a weak punch, generates a very slow magic that usually catches players who do not calculate the jumping distance well.

3 Tricks with Nash in Street Fighter V

Nash has a very efficient repertoire of blows, his Sonic Slice can be fitted easily, after blows like a strong or medium punch, or even after a Target Combo. The “EX” version of Sonic Slice is not only powerful but also an efficient anti-aircraft.

If you are playing against someone who is very defensive, use Tragedy Assault. This blow counts as a “grab”, so it is not possible to defend. Use This against those people who defend too much, but keep an eye out to calculate the correct distance.

Your Critical Art, Judgment Saber is good against opponents who use spells, because if used at the right distance, you can go under projectiles and hit your opponent.

Nash in Street Fighter V 2

The V-Skill, Bullet Clear (activated when pressing punch and medium kick) is very useful, to erase opponent spells and convert into energy for the Nash special bar. Use this against that crowd that loves to appeal in the hadouken and fill your special bar faster.

Nash’s V-Trigger fired after pressing hard punch + strong kick and putting forward, makes Nash disappear, and then appear behind the opponent in a very fast movement. Using this move after firing a spell is a strategy to reverse the position of the fight and the opponent’s controls.

3. Useful Nash Combos

Nash has a good amount of Target combos, which are those combos of sequential strikes, such as: squeeze weak, medium and strong punches. This type of command creates fast and efficient combos. Some Nash Target Combos can be easily combined with attacks like Sonic Slice .

  • Target combo: low + medium kick and front + medium punch;
  • Target combo 2: weak punch, medium punch (possible to combine with Sonic Slice );
  • Target combo 3: medium punch, weak kick, strong punch;
  • Target combo 4: medium kick, strong kick, medium kick;

Nash is a balanced character and is not complicated to learn to play. In addition, you don’t have to spend to play with him, after all Nash was one of the characters from the first season of Street Fighter V and is present in the base game.

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