PlayStation Network: how to change username and PSN ID

Here comes a new and waiting opportunity for those who play online on PS4: here’s how to change usernames on PlayStation Network, by changing your ID.

PlayStation Network: how to change username and PSN ID
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A long awaited feature from PS4 players is finally available: the ability to change usernames on PlayStation Network, changing its visible ID to all friends and online players.

The option, active since April 11, was the subject of many requests from users who wanted to change their associated username on PlayStation Network, perhaps chosen when they were younger or in a hurry.

To change the PlayStation Network ID and username you will have to pay a fee from the variable price and it will be possible to change the name in different ways: here is how.

How to change nicknames on PlayStation Network

First, a clarification: not all of the available games allow you to change the username chosen at registration on the PlayStation Network, even if the list includes several famous titles ( Here you can find the list of games compatible with this option).

You can change the ID either via PlayStation 4 or via PC, smartphone and tablet through the internet browser. The cost for the first change is free, while for the subsequent ones you will have a price of 9.99 dollars, discounted at 4.99 dollars for PlayStation Plus subscribers (the subscription service to play online on PS4). If you wish to return to the previous username, you will not have any additional costs. Games for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita are not supported.

Regarding this new option, Sony has stated that all PS4 games released after April 1, 2018 have been developed to support online ID change, although in some cases the games may not be fully compatible with this option.

How to change name and surname on PlayStation Network

To change the name and surname present in your PS Network account you will have to proceed through the following steps: from the initial menu go to “Settings”, select “Account Management” and then “Account Information”, “Profile” and “First name”.

Once here enter the new credentials and confirm the operations.

How to change the username

To change usernames instead, just proceed as follows: always refer to the “Settings” and “Account Management”, “Account Information” and “Profile” but here open the “Online ID” tab.

Inside type the new username for the PlayStation Network, think again, and finally confirm everything to see it activated.

Change PlayStation Network nickname: risky for Trophies?

Being a new function, not yet applied to all the games in the PS4 catalog, many fear side effects such as the loss of precious trophies (the different awards for each title and earned with effort after several and exhausting hours of play).

Does changing nick and ID on PlayStation Network put your collection at risk? Fortunately, no: no trophy earned in previous years will be lost, except for those not yet completed. Progress on certain missions to get the most coveted trophies, such as gold and platinum, will be lost if not completed before the username change. It is better to finish all your missions before proceeding with the operation to avoid losing important and long-pursued targets.

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