Video with photos and music: The Best ways to make it

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Create videos with photos and music: software, apps and online sites for creating videos to share on social media.
Video with photos and music: The Best ways to make it

Creating videos with photos and music can be useful in many cases, for example for the birthday of a family member or for a gift between engaged couples. Moreover, this kind of videos is often used on social media like Facebook and Instagram, allowing the user to improve their interaction with followers.

To create videos with photos and music we can turn to both online and classic computer programs. In recent years, however, the number of people who turn to smartphone apps, available on both Android and iOS mobile devices, has grown exponentially.

A complete guide follows on how to create videos with photos and music, with step-by-step instructions for making videos to save on your computer, to share on social networks or to upload to YouTube.

Video with photos and music: how to do it

Video with photos and music online

There are numerous sites for creating videos with photos and music online. Today, together with smartphone apps, they are the simplest and fastest way to produce videos that combine both images and a musical track in the background at the same time.

Here are two online sites that we recommend using, how they work and what their main characteristics are.


The Kizoa site is presented as an Online Movie Maker and a Video Editor. Create videos with photos and music online for free with the Create a video feature. Once finished, the work can be saved on the computer, shared on Facebook or sent by email. To be able to save the video in the PC’s internal memory, registration is required. In addition, Kizoa is available as an app for iOS devices.

So let’s start by connecting to the official Kizoa website. On the home page, click on the Sign up button, enter your email address and password, then we accept the terms and conditions of use and select the Subscribe free button.

After registration, move to the Create Video section (the Photo library function is set by default). At this point, insert the images with which you wish to make the video simply by clicking on the green button Add Photo/Video clips. The system allows you to choose between images on your computer or previously uploaded to Facebook.

We can also insert transitions before and after a photo or effects or texts on the images, thanks to the options available in the following sections: TransitionsEffectsTexts.

Then comes the time to add the music track: click on the Music tab, select one of the tracks in the Kizoa database, then drag the desired track onto the bottom camera roll. Who wants, can incorporate two or more tracks, combining a different music at a certain moment of the video. Furthermore, by selecting the Add my music button on the left, it is possible to insert an audio track on our computer.

Now we only have to keep a copy of the video just created, by clicking on the Save button on the right column of the main screen. In the new window that opens, type the name we want to assign to the movie in the title field, then select the Save button. Now we have to choose how to use the video by clicking on one of the following options: Download videoEmailPublish on FacebookPublish on YouTube.

We point out that in the free version Kizoa allows you to download videos of up to 2 minutes on the computer, with a HD resolution up to 720p and a storage capacity of 1 GB.


Another site that allows you to create videos with photos and music online is PhotoPeach. The operation is similar to that already seen with Kizoa. Using PhotoPeach we have the opportunity to create slideshows with a musical track in the background and, once finished, to share it on Facebook, via email to friends and relatives or directly on our blog.

To test the functionality of PhotoPeach, let’s connect to the official website and first of all perform the free registration: click on the Sign Up for Free button, complete the UsernameEmail and New Password fields and then select the Sign Up button.

In the new screen displayed, click on the Upload Photos button to upload the images with which we want to make the video. Once the operation is completed, select the Next button.

At this point, you select a title for the movie in the Slideshow Title field, the speed of the video by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the item Speed, finally the desired background music by choosing one of the music tracks in Random, Instrument, Classic tabs. Search YouTube and Upload Music. To finish the project, click on the Finish button.

The free version of PhotoPeach does not allow the download of the video on the computer but only the sharing on Facebook and the sending via email, with relative link to the site.

App for videos with photos and music

Creating slideshows with amazing special effects is also a prerogative of mobile devices. This is a more immediate and faster method than that offered by the online sites described above.

Here are two of the best apps to create videos with photos and music on Android and iOS, to share then on social media or on platforms such as YouTube.

Quick – GoPro Video Editor for music photos (Android – iOS)

The Quick – Video Editor GoPro for photos with music, available for Android and iOS devices, allows you to create and customize slideshows with lyrics and music. It is a very popular application among users, thanks to the innovative video analysis function and the implementation of transitions and effects automatically. In addition to compatibility with GoPro camera shots, the app works with photos in Gallery, Google Photos and Dropbox.

After the installation, we start the app and tap the button Create a new video. In the next warning screen, we select the Allow command, then we go to choose the images that will compose the video, selecting two or more photos of those in the Gallery, Album, Google PhotosDropboxGoogle Plus and SD Card sections. Once the selection is complete, we tap on the tick in blue at the bottom right, then fill in the Add an introduction title field and continue forward by pressing the Continue button.

In the new screen, we can choose the music track we prefer from those available. All we have to do now is to press the blue folder icon to save the video. Available options include Share linkSend fileInstagram Stories and Save without sharing.

inShot – Video and photo editor (Android – iOS)

One of the most downloaded video and photo apps by Android and iOS users is inShot – Video and photo editor, which boasts over 2 million downloads on devices with the Google operating system. Its success is due in particular to integration with social networks and YouTube. Among the most interesting features, we highlight the cutting and editing of a video in addition to the blurred or colored edges for Instagram.

Installed and started the app, you need to tap on the item Allow in the warning that appears at the time of the first start. In the main screen of the application, press the icon above the Video item, then select the images from the Photos section and confirm by tapping on the green check icon at the bottom right.

To add a music track to the video, select the Music option and then choose one of the songs in the folders of the Recommended section. Alternatively, you can insert a song on your smartphone by selecting the My music item.

At this point, you tap on the tick icon and complete the job by selecting the Save command. You can keep the movie at a quality between 640p and 1080p.

The video you have just saved can be shared on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Twitter sent by email or uploaded to YouTube, simply by pressing lightly on the icon corresponding to each of the services listed above.

The Pro version of the inShot app offers the opportunity to use paid filters, stickers and effects. Furthermore, the user who chooses to purchase the premium version may use the application without advertisements. The price varies from $9.99 each year or $29.99 one-time.

Create videos with photos and PC music

On the desktop, there are numerous programs for creating videos with photos and music from PCs accessible to everyone, both for Windows and MacOS. The simplest and most effective is Photo, a free and pre-installed program that has replaced Movie Maker in Windows 10.

Photo (Windows)

First of all we start the Photo program from the Start menu, then select the function You are the director. In the new screen displayed we can choose which images to add to the movie, then click on the Create button when the selection is complete. The program will now ask us to assign a title to the movie, filling the field Assign a name to the video.

At this point, we can further customize the video by adding a music track: you need to click on the Audio item and select from the Music and Audio comment options. If we opt for the first, we have at our disposal a large collection of free audio tracks, each of which automatically adapts to the length of the video. Among the available options, we also report the change in the intensity of the music volume. To finish the making of the video, click on the Done button.

The video can be saved locally and then reused in the network by clicking on the Export or share function and selecting the M icon (best solution for online sharing), for example if we want to share it on social networks, send via email or upload to YouTube.

Photo (macOS)

We find the same immediacy and ease of use even in Photo on macOS. Through the Launchpad we start the app, then click on the File item and then on the Create and Presentation options in quick succession.

In the new window displayed, type the title we want to assign to the presentation, then click on the OK button. All that remains now is to select the images you want for the video and click the Add button.

The second phase concerns the customization of the video, by adding the music, the theme and any effects between one photo and another.

As with Windows Photo, Photo of MacOS allows us to export and share the completed project online for free.


As we have seen, the creation of videos with photos and music is available to everyone, regardless of the device used.


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