Pokémon GO: how to fight Team Rocket’s Jessie and James

Jessie and James arrive in Pokémon GO: here’s how to find them and how to fight against the two members of Team Rocket within the game for iOS and Android.

Jessie and James in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO arrive Jessie and James of Team Rocket: the antagonist duo, enemy number one of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in the animated series, debuting in the popular game for iOS and Android. But how to find them and how to fight the two popular characters?

Team Rocket has already been in the game for some time: the possibility to challenge the recruits on the map is now added to meet Jessie and Jamies aboard their Meowth-shaped hot air balloon.

A limited-time initiative available since the last update: here’s how.

Jessie and James in Pokémon Go: how to find and challenge them

The official press release announcing the arrival of the infamous Team Rocket couple is very clear (and is also visible within the app):

“As Team GO Rocket’s hot air balloons roam the skies, we further investigated those two. The Recruits driving the hot air balloons are as perplexing as we are about the origin of these two characters. From what we know, Team GO Rocket has assigned shadow Pokémon to protect Jessie and James as they search for a way to create many more. This is where you come in! Check the map to see if Jessie and James’ Meowth Hot Air Balloon is flying over your area. When it appears, touch it to challenge them. “

The addition of the Team Go Rocket hot air balloons was therefore not a mere solitary option but also saw the debut of two beloved characters known to almost all the general public.

Finding them is a matter of luck: just open the game map and widen the view by pinching the screen, look around and look for the Meowth-shaped hot air balloon (identical to that of the animated series). If you can find it, you can challenge Jessie and James who will have the Pokémon already known to fans for a long time (from Arbok to Weezing and many others).

That’s not all: inside the boutique the clothes of the characters are added, the white jumpsuit with the red “R”, ideal for personalizing your character.