3 Tricks to Play with Cammy in Street Fighter V

Cammy is another classic fighters from Street Fighter saga that returns in Street Fighter V. It arrived only in the third season, with the Arcade Edition update, returning with its classic and military look, in addition to blows that fans already know. Learn how to use the character in the game:

Cammy in Street Fighter V

The tips for Cammy in Street Fighter V contained in this text are based on the updates and balances already released for the game until July 2020.

1. How is Cammy in the game

In fact, Cammy was one of the least changed fighters throughout the Street Fighter saga. Anyone who was used to playing with the character in the classics will feel at home here.

She specializes in speed and putting pressure on her opponent. Her strikes are fast and accurate, with little room for failure. That’s why Cammy is also extremely technical, as she has no projectiles.

Another advantage is its displacement: Cammy moves quickly around the scene, mainly with two touches to the back, which makes the character activate a “star shape” and confuse the opponent while evading attacks.

But it is good to be careful when using your Critical Art, the Cross Stinger Assault, as it requires a certain distance from the opponent. If you are pressing your opponent against the wall, invest in more common and faster attacks and combos.

2. Tips on Cammy

Cammy has good V-Skill and V-Trigger. Her second V-Trigger, Delta Step, allows her to perform two special moves, one with a strong punch and a strong kick at the same time and which throws the character forward quickly.

When her Delta Step is activated, she can also use it in another way, since it is charged for some time. It serves to surprise the opponent who does not expect to be attacked twice in the same round.

3. Cammy’s main combos

Here are some useful character combos:

  • Down with weak punch, weak punch, weak kick, Spiral Arrow
  • Medium kick, hard punch, hard kick, Spiral Arrow
  • Lowered with medium punch, lowered with medium punch, lift with a strong kick, Spiral Arrow

A very useful combo to use when trapping your opponent in the corner:

  • Strong kick, forward run, step back, medium punch, strong kick, strong kick, Spiral Arrow

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