3 Tricks to Play with Akuma in Street Fighter V

Akuma is a fighter already well known to the public, but who only debuted in Street Fighter V from the third season, with the release of Arcade Edition. Since then, he has also become a favorite for some players. Here are tips for playing Akuma in the game:

Akuma in Street Fighter V

Rather, an informative: the tips contained here are valid based on the most recent update to Street Fighter V, in July 2020.

1. Akuma for whom?

The type of player who plays with Akuma is one who also plays with Ryu or Ken, but especially Ryu, due to the similarity of some combos and moves.

Akuma has “Hadoukens”, which are fireballs, but that don’t run all over the screen in this version of Street Fighter. He is a fighter who does well on counterattacks and has very aggressive strikes.

But Akuma also works for those who like to be diverse. The fighter works well with “footsies”, which is a term used to define who plays by studying the opponent and waiting for the right moment to attack.

2. Tips for playing Akuma

Invest in the style of “footsies”! Try to keep your opponent away with quick sweeps. Take advantage that Akuma is a fast fighter and also walks fast across the stage to get away or get closer to his opponent.

Another tip to approach the opponent effectively is to use the aerial fireball, which is activated in the jump. This puts extra pressure on those trying to defend themselves and makes it easier to push into the corner – which can be deadly.

The only problem is that Akuma doesn’t have as much life as the other characters. He can fall with a few strokes, but this is offset by his versatility.

3. Best Akuma combos

Here are some combos that work well with the character:

  • When the opponent attacks in the air go back, strong punch, fireball and strong punch
  • When the opponent attacks in the air, Shoryuken with medium punch and medium kick then
  • Lowered, weak kick, raised, weak punch, weak punch and Shoryuken
  • Medium punch, weak punch, Tatsumaki
  • Medium punch, medium punch with medium kick, any punch

Don’t forget the detail that Akuma has little life. Attack, yes, but you need to know when to retreat or defend. It is necessary to have patience to fit some combos.

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