Pokémon Masters, Sleep and Home: these are the new features for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Here are all the details and the expected release.
Pokémon Masters, Sleep and Home mobile: coming soon

Pokémon MastersHome and Sleep: three new apps for iOS and Android that will expand mobile games dedicated to the world’s most famous monsters. The novelties were presented during the conference held in Japan, but also broadcast in live streaming worldwide, by The Pokémon Company: waiting for new details for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield (coming for Nintendo Switch) lovers of Pikachu and co. they will be able to dedicate themselves to many new titles coming up for smartphones and tablets.

After Pokémon Rumble Rush Game Freak and Nintendo are going to bet decisively on mobile, with three new and different apps designed for everyone. Here are the main news coming in the coming months.

Pokémon Masters: the struggles between mobile coaches

Pokémon Masters is the first new game that we will see arriving on iOS and Android, its release is in fact fixed during 2019: the new title will present a new mechanism of battles between Pokémon within it, which will be protagonists of the game. Next to these we will also find the most famous coaches met in previous games released for Game Boy and Nintendo 3DS: Brock, Misty, Lance, Rocco and many others.

According to the conference, the Pokémon Masters gameplay will be optimized for smartphones to ensure a casual experience but close to the Pokémon tradition. The title was then shown in a short video that illustrates the game modes, still unknown, and a graphic style that strongly resembles the previous chapters Pokémon Sun and Moon. Further news will be released in June.

Pokémon Sleep: the app to play in your sleep

Pokémon Sleep is instead a unique novelty, providing users and fans of the Pokémon world a gaming experience never seen before.

The app was born as an app to monitor our hours of sleep, also through a new accessory. The title will be integrated with Pokémon GO and the accessory will be entirely based on the Go Plus, which thanks to the integrated accelerometer will keep track of all our hours of rest by sending data to our device through the Bluetooth connection. The app will therefore allow you to play simply by sleeping, even if on the precise dynamics we will have to wait for the details that will be released in the coming months: being connected to Pokémon Go, we can expect some kind of integration with some of the features of the famous mobile title ( such as the accumulation of candy during sleep).


The release for iOS and Android is scheduled for 2020.

Pokémon Home: the new Pokémon Bank

Pokémon Home will instead be an app in every way, and apparently not a new mobile game, which will allow you to manage the monsters obtained over the years in the various titles released for Nintendo consoles, allowing you to transfer them to the next generation games ( coming out for Nintendo Switch).

Pokémon Home will therefore replace the Pokémon Bank in all respects, being able to connect to the service currently available only within the 3DS/2Ds ecosystem: the app will also have access to the Pokémon boxes of Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, Pokémon GO and the new Pokémon Sword and Shield.

You can even trade Pokémon through the app by connecting to players all over the world and nearby (keeping the spirit of the series intact). Even Pokémon Home will debut in 2020.


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