How to play the PlayStation 4 from smartphones and tablets: PS4 Remote Play for iOS and Android is now available to turn the phone into a console.

PS4 Remote Play: how to play from smartphones and tablets

Playing a game on the PlayStation 4 using your smartphone or tablet is possible thanks to the convenient PS4 Remote Play app, developed by Sony and available both on iPhone and iPad with iOS and through various Android devices. The application is official and allows you to connect a mobile device to the console and perform various activities, from pure and simple gameplay to the addition of an extra game screen.

The remote playback function is undoubtedly the most requested by the PlayStation 4 players world-loving: in this way it is possible to reproduce the contents on PS4 directly on your smartphone and tablet, including the ability to play using the small screen compared to traditional televisions or monitor.

PS4 Remote Play: how to play the PlayStation 4 from mobile

The last update brought the possibility to play from mobile even for iOS devices, in addition to those Android that already could take advantage of this convenient option. The app allows in all respects to turn PS4 into a real portable console, as long as you stay in a range of action that falls in the vicinity of the console: in a nutshell, it is not possible to connect the app to the PlayStation and then go out and play outside the house.

All you need is to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and a PS Network account, both for your console and any smartphone or tablet for playing content.

By connecting the two devices it will be possible to perform various actions, including:

  • view and play content on PlayStation 4 from any smartphone or tablet;
  • connect the DualShock 4 to play remotely from smartphones and tablets;
  • communicate via voice chat through the microphone on the connected mobile device,
  • use smartphones and tablets as a keyboard to chat or insert text in your PS4.

It is important to download the app to the latest version available and keep in mind that it is not possible to play through this feature for all the titles in the PlayStation catalog. To do this simply connect the app through the “Settings of PS4” menu, under “Settings of the connection of the app” for mobile devices and choose the item “Add device”. Once you’ve done this, start the app and continue with the settings from mobile, after obviously connecting your PlayStation Network account.


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