How to put the password on Whatsapp

Do you want to prevent anyone from viewing your chat history? Do you want to protect Whatsapp? Well, here we offer you some applications that allow you to block access to Whatsapp by password.

WhatsApp is the best program to send free text messages, images or videos and even make calls to other users, with a 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection.

But for some inexplicable reason, developers have not installed a system to restrict access to our Whatsapp application via a password. So anyone who takes our phone can read our private messages because there is no way to block the application … until now.

For this ChatLock + (formerly known as WhatsApp lock), is a free application that aims to block access to WhatsApp so that no one can see your conversations or chat.

How to put the password on Whatsapp

How to use ChatLock +

Downloading and installing ChatLock + is very simple. Like any mobile app, you can find it on the Play Store. Once opened for the first time, you will be asked to enter a four-digit PIN which will be your security key.

If someone wants to access your WhatsApp must enter the security key. If the code is not correct, the program does not allow access to WhatsApp and takes a picture of the person who made the attempt. This feature is very beautiful because it allows you to know who was the curious who wanted to spy on your conversations without your permission.

By default, the application immediately blocks access to WhatsApp once you stop using this messaging system, but these settings can be changed or even delayed as you wish.

ChatLock + has a design and a very simple interface, consumes few resources and little memory, you can block in addition to WhatsApp, other applications such as Facebook, Imo, Tango …

Another alternative is AppLock

AppLock for Android is used to protect WhatsApp with a password and to extend the function to other applications. The free version shows some advertisements, but there is a premium version that removes all ads.

In the official store, the Google Play Store, there are several other interesting options, we chose for this article the two applications that we consider most relevant, but you can choose another, we suggest you read the opinions of other users to get an idea of what the application offers.

We did not mention the iOS apps (iPhone and Ipad). In the App Store, there are no applications that really promise to protect our WhatsApp with a password, because iOS is a closed system that does not allow you to assign this feature to developers. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, you can not block WhatsApp with a password.

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