You have taken photos with your smartphone but you have noticed that the internal memory is almost full or you need to set a new profile picture on a service that supports a maximum upload size and then look for a solution to solve. In the next lines we will explain how to zoom out photos with Android using some very simple applications.

Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer is one of the best applications to quickly and easily resize photos directly from your Android device. In particular, the app allows you to quickly reduce the size or resolution of the image to send it later by e-mail or use it on Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Let’s see how to make the most of it:

  • Grab your smartphone or tablet and download Photo & Picture Resizer from the Google Play Store.
  • Once the installation is complete, start the app and press on Skip at the bottom left to skip the tutorial.
  • At this point, press the Select Photos button if you want to take a picture from the internal memory or Take a photo if you want to take a picture using the smartphone’s camera directly.
  • Once you have chosen it, tap it to open the Resize screen automatically.
  • From here, press the 4 arrows at the top right and select the size from the window that appears (eg 599 × 1199). Alternatively, click on Custom% that you find under the % or Custom section below under Width x Height.
  • When pressed on the preferred resolution, find the amount of space saved, the button Rename to give a different name to the new file, Replace the original photo(or remove the original and replace it with the photos resized) or access the folder Photo Resize where you find all the modified images.

Image Size – Photo Resizer

Another great application to resize the image according to the format you prefer is Image Size – Photo Resizer. The software can be downloaded for free from the Google market and allows you to specify the output format using 4 units of measurement: pixelsmillimeterscentimeters or inches.

Let’s see how to make the most of it:

  • Proceed with the app download from the Google Play Store on your Android device and start it once the installation is complete.
  • At this point, press the icon at the top left to access the gallery and take the photo or tap the camera icon to take one.
  • Once the image is loaded correctly, choose the preferred unit of measure between pixelsmmcm and inches and indicate the resolution you want within the current field both under Width and Height. Alternatively, press the 3 dashes next to Width and Height to set a default resolution among those proposed. If you want, you can also reverse the numbers entered by pressing the two arrows in the shape of a bow in the middle of Width and Height or far match the proportions by tapping on the staple icon placed in the middle of the two fields.
  • Once you have made the necessary changes, simply press the side facing down(located at the bottom left) to save the photo, press the share icon to share it directly via e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp or other app or press on the printer icon if you wish to print it using the printer connected to your smartphone or Android tablet.

Photo Editor

If you are still wondering how to shrink photos with Android, then you could evaluate the Photo Editor application. It is a very simple software that allows you to manipulate photos by changing their colors, adding effects, rotating, cutting, resizing and much more. So, Photo Editor can be exploited as well to make your favorite images smaller.

Here are the steps to use it best:

  • From your smartphone or tablet proceed with the download of the app from the Play Store of Google.
  • Once the installation is complete, start Photo Editor and click Yes, I would like to continue displaying relevant advertisements to continue using the free version of the software.
  • This done, from the main screen of Photo Editor, tap on Gallery if you want to take photos from the gallery, Camera if you want to shoot one or File browser to find the image to be reduced to another path different from the gallery.
  • After finding and pressing on the file to be modified, scroll the menu just below the 3 dashes on the bottom left (where there are the buttons ColorsCurvesLevels etc.), scroll from right to left and tap on Resize.
  • At this point, from the new screen that appears, you can resize photos using the slider, the 5 default resolutions located just below ( 4806408001024 or 2048 ) or by pressing the pencil icon and setting the size or proportions through the appropriate tabs (remember to tap OK to confirm the change).
  • Once the change is complete, press the  on the top right and then the down arrow icon always located at the top right.
  • Through the screen that appears, choose the preferred format of the output file among those proposed (eg JPEGPNG or GIF ), set the quality by pressing the appropriate button (and then using the slider ) and tap Size to have a ‘preview on the amount of space occupied by the file before exporting it.
  • Complete the procedure by pressing one of the icons: Gallery (to save the photo in the gallery), Share (to immediately share the picture on social networks, via e-mail or through the favorite app), Background (to set the image as background), Save as (to set a custom name to the output file and choose the preferred saving path and then press Save), Save as Storage (an alternative button to the previous one) or Overwrite(to overwrite the original file with the one created by Photo Editor ).

How to zoom out photos with Android: alternatives

In addition to the 3 applications seen a short while ago, below you will find alternatives to consider in case the above mentioned ones did not satisfy you.


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