How to remove audio when posting videos on Instagram

Here’s how to remove audio from any video you post on Instagram. If you want to post video in your stories, or simply post it as your main post on your Instagram page without audio. Here’s how to do it in both ways.

Audio removal in Instagram stories

When recording a video for your own story or selecting a pre-recorded video to be added to a story, you can completely mute the sound.

Once you’ve recorded or selected a video from your camera roll, touch the sound icon in the upper right corner.

The sound waves of the speaker icon will disappear and will be replaced by an “X”, which means that the audio is now turned off for that video.

Once the video is released, the viewer will hear no sound and will not be able to reactivate it from its own end.

Audio removal in Instagram posts

The process for regular Instagram posts is similar to stories but slightly different.After recording a video or selecting a pre-recorded from the camera roll, touch the sound icon at the top of the screen in the middle.

Just like in Stories, the icon will change to an “X” and you will receive a small pop-up stating that the sound is muted. On Android, the icon will already have an “X”, but if you touch it, it will turn blue, indicating that the sound is muted. This is all there is to do.

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