How to remove WhatsApp message preview and notification

Since you are very fixated on the topic of privacy, you would like to find a method to hide the preview of the messages you receive on the known instant messaging platform. In this new guide today we will show you the steps to find out how to remove preview WhatsApp messages on Android, iPhone and PC.

How to remove the WhatsApp message preview on Android

In case you were the owner of a device equipped with Google’s mobile operating system, you can use two solutions to hide the preview of messages received on the famous Facebook-owned platform. This can be done either from the Android Settings or from those in the WhatsApp app.

In the first case, open the Android Settings by pressing on the gear icon that you find on the main screen, in the drawer or by pulling down the changes tab and then find the menu for notifications.

After tapping on, in the next screen, locate the WhatsApp app from the list that appears and look for the Hide content item on the lock screen. Alternatively, you can completely disable notifications in the lockscreen by choosing Do not show notifications. For example, if you have a Samsung smartphone equipped with One UI (based on Android 9 Pie ), you can find these indications in the Notifications menu in the Settings. Then, take the Recently Sent section as a reference, press Show All and, in the next screen, locate WhatsApp and plug us in.

In the second case, instead, you can act in the WhatsApp Settings in a very simple way. First of all, open the instant messaging software, press the 3 vertical dots at the top right and choose Settings from the small menu that appears. After that, pressed on Notifications and then uncheck the option Use a high-priority notifications that you find in sections notifications messages and/or notifications groups.

Carrying out this operation you will turn off the display of the notifications containing the preview of the received messages. In this case, however, the message preview will continue to be visible by pulling down the notification curtain.

How to remove the WhatsApp message preview on the iPhone

If you use an iPhone and would like to remove the preview of WhatsApp messages, then even in this case you can do it both from the Settings of iOS and those of the application itself.

In the first case, open the iOS Settings by pressing on the gear icon on the home screen and then locate the menu dedicated to notifications. On the next screen, scroll through the list of apps installed on the iPhone by pressing on WhatsApp. At this point, locate the Show thumbnails item and choose Never. If you wish, you can completely disable the display of the WhatsApp notification banner at the top of the display by removing the check from the Banner option. The same thing can also be done for the notification center and in the lock screen by acting on the entriesScreen lock and Notification Center, always present in the Notices section.

In the second case, instead, you can act from the Settings of the same WhatsApp in a very simple way. Open the instant messaging app, tap on the Settings item at the bottom right and choose Notifications. After that, turn off the option Show preview carrying on OFF the switch. In this way, the text of the message that appears in the banner in the upper area of the screen will be replaced with the message Message.

How to remove the preview of WhatsApp messages on PC

If you use WhatsApp  Web or the official client (available for Windows and MacOS) to chat with your acquaintances, you can disable the preview of messages by acting on the settings of both the software and the two operating systems.

Through the Settings of WhatsApp Web or Desktop, connect to the Internet site using a browser or start the client and then made the scanning of the QR code by the camera of your smartphone. After that, click on the 3 dots or on the down arrow at the top left and choose Settings from the menu shown. At this point, choose Notifications and uncheck the Show preview option. Disabling this function will automatically replace the content of the message with the text new message (s).

Through the settings of Windows 10, however, you can disable the preview of messages WhatsApp in a truly simple. Before revealing the specific steps, however, we wanted to clarify that this operation will disable the notifications of any application installed on your computer both in the notification center and in the lock screen.

That said, press on ‘gear icon present in the menu Start to access the settings or use the keyboard shortcut Win + I. In the window that opens, choose System and then click on Notifications and actions from the left side. At this point, from the Notifications section, turn the Switch for notifications app or other senders switch to Off. To disable the display of notifications and previews on the lock screen, instead, deactivate the option Show notifications on lock screen pressing on the special lever.

Finally, the settings of the MacOS, you can disable previews of WhatsApp messages by accessing System Preferences pressing on ‘gear icon present in the Dock, or from the menu that appears after you have pressed the Apple logo in the upper left. Through the screen displayed, choose Notifications and then click on the WhatsApp icon in the list on the left.

After that, through the WhatsApp Alert Style section, choose None. In addition, you can disable the display of notifications and previews on the lock screen and/or in the notification center by unchecking the options Show notifications on locked screen and Show in Notification Center.

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