How to check WhatsApp status without being noticed

If you’re wondering how to see WhatsApp status without being seen using iPhone or Android, you’re in the right place. To avoid someone finding you when you see who has visited your profile through the States, you would like to continue to “spy” in secret. You know that by displaying the status your profile name appears in the list. Precisely for this reason, you would not want to arouse suspicion. If not, your friend could hide the Status from you. Not knowing if it’s possible to do such a thing, you’ve been searching on the internet and, fortunately, you’ve come across here.

In the following guide, I’ll explain how to see WhatsApp status without being noticed. I tell you what you need to do to be invisible when viewing a story. Quiet, I will not suggest you turn off the WiFi or cellular network. You can do it even when you’re online and, above all, without using third-party apps or tweaks. So, if you agree, you just have to start.

How to see WhatsApp status without being seen

There are several methods that allow you to see WhatsApp status without being seen. Many of these, allow you to do it quickly and easily, but at the same time, do not guarantee the full functionality of the application, especially if you use iPhone. Oh yes, in these cases, Android is more “versatile” (reading will tell you why).

In this guide, you find all the procedures that allow you to spy on other people’s status anonymously, in secret, without letting you see them. Select and apply the one that best suits your needs.


How to see WhatsApp status without being noticed by removing the blue check

When you wonder how to see WhatsApp status without being noticed, the best way to do this is to remove the blue tick. Now you will ask yourself: what does the double blue check with the Status have to do with it? Well, it will seem strange to you, but by turning off the reading confirmations, you will manage not to make your name appear in the list of contacts that have looked at a Status. At the time of writing, I can guarantee that this method works on both iPhone and Android.

In summary, to see WhatsApp status without being noticed, every time you want to hide you have to deactivate the double blue check. To remove it, both on iOS and on Android, just go in Settings > Account > Privacyand uncheck the box read Receipts. After playing a status, you can reactivate the two blue vs. In this way, you will not make those who control the double blue tick on the messages suspicious. That’s all.

I remind you that if you do not reactivate the double blue check, you can not even know who has seen your WhatsApp status. On the other hand, keep in mind that only from the new Status will you be able to review your contact views.

How to see WhatsApp status without being noticed by looking at the WhatsApp folder

On Android, you can see WhatsApp status without being seen by peering into the WhatsApp folder that is in the SD memory. All you have to do to watch status in hidden is go to the WhatsApp Status section and scroll through the list of stories for a moment when connected to Wi-Fi or 4G.

After that, exit WhatsApp and open the Phone Files app (or any other File Manager). Then, choose Internal Storage and follow the path WhatsApp > Media. Once you are inside that section, make sure you have activated the display of hidden folders (if you are not allowed to do it, change file manager). By doing so, you will be able to see the folder named .Statuses. When you enter, all the status that have been loaded by contacts during the day will appear. They are not updated in real time and are not always visible, but you can always try (most of the time you will find enough). You can even save them in the gallery.

How to see WhatsApp status without being noticed using Xposed Framework

Also on Android, you can see WhatsApp status without being seen using Xposed Framework. Consult the online guides to understand how to install it on your smartphone (the procedure varies depending on the phone you have). Then, install the WhatsApp Extensions module.

Once the module is installed and activated, restart the mobile phone. Then, open WhatsApp Extensions and activate the Turn off read receipts option. In this way, you will deactivate the double blue check, but not as you think. Doing as in the first method, you will not be able to see who has seen your status until you reactivate the blue check. Using the Xposed Framework module, however, no one will know if you’ve read his messages or looked at his status, but you do, even when you surf anonymously.

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