How to set up and use your PlayStation Camera

The PlayStation Camera (PS Camera) can be an interesting accessory for those who usually do streamings through the PS4 or even to use the PlayStation VR, console virtual reality glasses. Not that it is an indispensable device, but if you already have the device it is always good to know how to configure it correctly to get the best out of the camera.

How to connect the PlayStation Camera to the PS4

1. Connect the PS Camera cable to the PS4’s AUX input, located on the back of the console;

2. Position the camera on a level and level surface. Direct it to where you will position to play;

3. Be sure to adjust the angle of the PS Camera so that it can capture the entire area where you are.

How to set up the PS Camera

When connecting the PS Camera to the PS4, the camera will automatically recognize the camera. Here’s how to set up your functions.

Adjusting Face Recognition

1. From the main menu, go to “Settings” and then select “Login Settings“;

2. Activate the “Enable Face Recognition” option, so the PS4 recognizes the faces of users with the PS Camera;

3. Select “Start” and follow the steps shown on the screen.

Tip: You can add more than one user to this role.

How to start a session on PS4 by facial recognition

1. Turn on the PS4 normally and press the PS button on the control;

2. The PS4 will recognize you automatically if you have nothing dazzling your face.

How to make a broadcast with the PS Camera

This feature can be used for the user to appear in their own streamings using the image in the image option.

1. Start some game, then hit the “Share” button on the control;

2. Now select “Cast Game” and log in (or create an account) into the service you will use in streaming;

3. Before you start broadcasting, activate the “Include video from PlayStation Camera on stream” option;

4. If you want to use the PS Camera microphone, also select “Include microphone audio in broadcasts“;

5. If you prefer to turn off the camera microphone, go to “Sound/Devices” and then “Mute PlayStation Camera microphone“.


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