How to use Tinder on your on laptop or PC

Tinder for the PC is available on the web for any browser. This is a good way to access the app on your computer when you’re not with your Android or iPhone around, and still enjoy various Tinder features.

You can not do everything from the PC, however: you can not log in by phone number (via Facebook only ). Moreover, the web version is quite like the mobile application and you should not miss anything.

How to access Tinder on your PC

  1. Access the Tinder website;
  2. Click Enter in the upper right corner;
  3. Select the Sign in with Facebook option;
  4. Sign in to your Facebook account and authorize Tinder to access your account. This process does not allow Tinder to publish on the social network;
  5. When a Share Your Location screen appears  in Tinder, click Allow;
  6. Your browser will ask if can use your location. Confirm in Allow;

Ready! Now just go to the Tinder website that you can use it on your PC.

Tinder Shortcuts on PC

Here are some shortcuts that can make it easier to navigate in Tinder for PC:

  • Left arrow: do not like the person displayed;
  • Right arrow: like the person displayed;
  • Up arrow: Opens the profile of the displayed person;
  • Down arrow: Closes the profile of the displayed person;
  • Enter: It gives super like in the person displayed;
  • Space: moves to the next photo;

How to use Tinder on your PC

That’s how Tinder on the web is organized: your matches are on the left of the screen, and to the right, for the most part, the people you’re interested in are shown. Click on a name on the left to chat or use one of the shortcuts above to interact with people.

If you’re at work, click the bag icon in the upper-left corner to open “Work Mode,” which simulates a Word document in the browser. Click My Profile to set:

  • the maximum distance;
  • who you are looking for;
  • age group;
  • their visibility;
  • notification preferences;
  • language;
  • contact;

How to edit your profile in Tinder by PC

In addition, you can click on Edit info to edit your profile in Tinder by PC. It lets you set:

  • one or more photos;
  • rearrange the order of photos;
  • whether or not to enable Smart Photos, which by itself sets the order of display of your images;
  • a biography, position and company;
  • schooling;
  • access to your Instagram account;
  • their gender;

And that’s it! Tinder on PC is very similar to the mobile application, so the interface is quite complete. Did you miss any feature?

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