SEO for WordPress : Here are the SEO rules you must follow

SEO WordPress Tips. The main SEO rules to follow – First of all you must know that the rules for obtaining an optimal positioning can be subject to changes over time and that is the quality of the contents to be decisive for an excellent positioning on search engines.

Not sure how SEO for WordPress works and how to optimize your site for search engines to the fullest? Here are some SEO tips for WordPress and other platforms in general.

The SEO aspect is crucial for being able to take off and get real results for your blog or websiteA good SEO leads to increased visits to your blog or website thanks to a better ranking on Google and the various search engines. But what are the best SEO strategies to adopt?

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Here are the best strategies for doing SEO

Valuable SEO tips

The article that I’m going to propose you today is a list of “valuable” SEO tips for a proper SEO policy for WordPress on page and off page for organic search on search engines.
Premise: These recommendations are the result of study and experience and are a valid guide to improve the indexing of a site or blog.
These are simple and important rules, which lead to big results!

Let’s see the SEO tips to favor the indexing in search engines of your blog or website:

  • Design the site and its contents for users and not for search engines.
  • If the content within the site is well traceable by users, it will also be for a good search engine. Each page must be reached by at least 1 link and with 2 clicks maximum. You prefer text lists (html) as a navigation menu instead of images/buttons.
  • Users use keywords (keywords) on search engines to search for content. Ask yourself which keywords they could use to find yours. A good help from Google with its analysis tool for keywords:
  • To take care of the textual contents of articles and pages: it is of fundamental importance to insert useful keywords of what the site takes care of in a logical way and without exaggeration in the contents so that search engine can understand it easily.
  • Optimize the keyword density, the percentage with which a keyword is present within a page. Also in this case we have a valuable Google tool to analyze the keyword density:
  • Use Google Webmaster Tool to analyze your site’s indexing:
  • Customize the TAG “Title”, the META TAG “Description” and “keyword” for each page or articleAll in One SEO Pack is a great plugin to manage this information.
  • Create a sitemap of your blog. Recommended plugin Google XML Sitemap for WordPress.
  • Optimize URLs by inserting keywords in the content of the article. (for example: if the title of the article is: b & b Last minute in Milan for Christmas, the URL of the page can be: / last-minute-milan-bed-and-breakfast-Christmas). The URL should not be too long (max. 60 characters).
  • Names of categories should be understandable, which can make users (and search engines) understand their contents, with a maximum of 2 sub-levels.
  • Associate articles with TAGs, different from the categories but equally important. Each TAG will represent one or more keywords.
  • Automatically share articles on the main social networks by inserting a link that refers to the article page.
  • Avoid the forced 1 to 1 “link exchange” because you will be penalized by Google. If your content is interesting, it will soon be linked to other blogs and websites.
  • Taking care of link popularity, the diffusion of links to one’s own site on other sites (no exchange), generally takes place spontaneously. It’s good practice maybe, participate in discussions on blogs and forums and if possible report your blog.
  • Take care of the internal links to the site. Pages if well connected to each other, are more accessible to everyone. So, if in an article we talk about WordPress Plugin and then we write another by naming the word Plugin, it would be good to link this word to the previous article.
  • DO NOT use too many plugins, they could slow down the navigation of the site and cause a penalization by search engines and in particular by Google which is the main and most used search engine
  • The pages or articles, once created, should not be deleted, at most modified. The URL to reach them must remain same otherwise your site will face PAGE NOT FOUND (404) which is most hated by search engines.
  • Take advantage of the best WordPress hosting that allows you to load the pages of your site or blog in WordPress in a fast way through the cache;
  • Use the best themes for WordPress that must comply with web development standards from the World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ). You can use this official HTML validation tool:
  • Use TAG H ( h1, h2, h3, etc.) correctly for titles and subtitles of articles or web pages.
  • Use the TAG STRONG (bold) for the most relevant terms, for users and consequently for search engines.
  • Separate content from graphics using CSS.
  • Optimize WordPress to make it faster by compressing and minimizing JS, HTML and CSS files with the use of specific plugins (recommended) or directly through directives on the htaccess file if you are competent.
  • Make sure you do not have broken links. To do this, use the Broken Link Checker plugin. Broken links certainly determine an important penalization for the SEO.

Rule of thumb: if a site is liked by visitors, it is accessible, usable, it will appeal to search engines (Google in particular).
The work does not end here obviously, but we will talk about it soon with other articles.


In this article, I have provided you with an SEO guide for WordPress including just some of the SEO rules to improve your site’s ranking on Google and the major search engines. In any case, you must constantly monitor all aspects of your site, both graphic and textual, as you were presented in the list of this article. Here instead you find: the SEO strategies to be avoided absolutely. If you are still facing any problem then you can checkout for a reliable agency to outsource your SEO efforts.

If you know other SEO rules or have suggestions to provide on the subject, share your opinion or experience by leaving us a comment below.

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