How to set up different time zones on Android and iPhone

For those who travel often, we discover how to set up different time zones on Android and iPhone

Are you going to organize a trip to a very distant country that adopts a different time zone from that of your country? Do you work in the bank or with trading and do you want to know when the stock exchange will open on which you hold your investments?

Do not let you find yourselves unprepared and adjust your Android and iOS smartphones to keep track of all the time zones that interest us, simply and quickly.

In this guide we will show you how to set up different time zones on Android and iOS, so you can always monitor the timetable for the various countries in which we are traveling or keep track of stock markets around the world, so you can make investments at any time of day or night (many stock exchanges) open at difficult or inconvenient times for you, it is better to know in advance how to move).

If we have an Android device we can set different time zones by tapping on the screen on the clock widget (if available at home) or by reaching the Clock app, present by default on all devices.

Depending on the smartphone in use we will see first of all the time of our country with the various alarms, just tap Clock or Timetable to reach the menu where you can add different time zones.

Let’s tap on the + symbol at the bottom right to open the city menu, so as to get the right time zone based on the city we’re going to choose.

We can get help from the search bar at the top of the menu to find one of the available cities and the associated time zone.

All the cities that host stock exchanges are available on this menu, but also many other tourist cities of international interest.

We can also set multiple time zones on the dedicated page, so you always know what time it does in a city in the world (very useful if you have to call a relative who lives far away but do not know what time is in his city, so as to avoid the ugly figure call at night when it’s full day with us!).

If we do not find the city of our interest we can retrieve the correct time zone by using a site like the one available here ->

Enter any city in the world, so you get the correct time zone to insert in the Android clock.
Are you travelling and would you like the time to be updated automatically on your Android smartphone?

All we have to do is open the menu Clock -> Settings -> Change Date and time (it can be present in some sub-menu or under some other item, better to look for it and to learn its position) and to activate the option Automatic time zone.

By activating this item the official timetable of your Android phone will be updated automatically at each time zone change, using the time information provided via the Internet (the phone must be connected to a data network or a WiFi to automatically correct the time zone schedule).

If we have to travel and already know the destination, we can use the already registered time zones or insert new ones so as to get the correct time immediately without waiting to be connected to a network (if we go outside our country, roaming costs can be very high).

If we intend to use other apps or other widgets to set up different time zones (great for having immediately in one of the homescreen all the times of the cities you are interested in), below you will find the best we have tested:

– World Clock and Widgets
– Clock World
– Time Zone
– Time Zone Converter
– Simple World Clock Widget

How to set up different time zones on iOS

If we own an Apple device (be it an iPhone or an iPad) we can set different time zones by opening the Clock app, present among the default ones.

Once inside the app, just tap down on the Local Hours menu and then add the time zones of our interest by tapping on the + symbol in the upper right hand corner.

From the menu that will open you can choose the city we are interested in among those listed; we can get help from the search bar at the top or from the letters and symbols on the left side of the screen.

Also in this case we can add all the time zones that we want without any limit, so you can monitor the local hours of the cities where there are stock exchanges or make international calls without fear of calling at inappropriate times.

If you are traveling to a holiday destination, your iPhone is able to automatically change the time zone; to get this functionality, simply go to the menu Settings -> General -> Date and time.

To get this functionality we need to activate the Automatic item, which will change the date and time based on the position of the phone and the information obtainable via the network.

When we travel, then make sure you have roaming data, so you can automatically update the time with local time as soon as we are hooked to one of the local operators; alternatively we will have to wait to connect to a WiFi network in order to obtain information on the time zone.

To avoid these unpleasant scenarios, we recommend that you adjust the time zones before departure directly in the Local Hours menu, so that you have immediate feedback on the actual time of the place where we want to arrive or the city of our interest.

If we want to use a different app to get the time zones and widgets with the hours of the various cities (to be placed in the home of your system, so you have a feedback on the actual time of the cities that we intend to monitor), we will not have to do anything else try one of those in the list below:

– Klok – Time Zone Widget
– Flag Time Pro – Time Zone
– World Clock by 

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