How to setup auto reply to text messages in iphone

It can often be very useful to set up automatic replies on the iPhone, so you can alert those who contacted you in case you are unable to respond. In this article we will show you just how to set up automatic replies on iPhone.

Set up iPhone automatic replies

The ability to set up automatic replies is a feature of the Do Not Disturb feature. To be able to activate the procedure to follow is really very simple:

  • open the Settings on your iPhone and access the Do Not Disturb section;
  • once accessed Do not disturb, now select Manually;
  • by scrolling again in the list, under Automatic answer, you will have to select All contacts;
  • go back and, in the Auto Answer section, you can write the answer to give to your contacts.

From now on, to activate this function, it will be enough for you to enable Do not disturb to make sure that your contacts are alerted with a message. We also recommend adding a quick button inside the Control Center, so it will be more practical to activate and deactivate this function; Just follow the following steps:

  • open Settings and access the Control Center section;
  • select Customize controls;
  • scroll through the list until you find the Do not disturb option and tap “+“.

Once this is done, once you have returned to the Home screen and accessed the Control Center, you will notice that there will be an icon in the form of a car that will allow you to activate and deactivate automatic replies more quickly.

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