What is a post?

Have you heard about post but have not understood what it is for or what is its meaning? Here we will explain what a post is.


In computer science, a post, sometimes called publication or article, is nothing but a text message, having the function of opinion, comment or intervention, which is published on a specific platform on the Web.
Such platforms can be, for example, discussion groupsforumsblogs, social networks, or any other type of telematic tool that, with the exception of chat and instant messaging systems, allows you to leave a personal message on the Internet to anyone who requests it.


First of all, let’s say that the way in which a post can be created changes according to the platform used. In general, however, the typical way to create a post is to first press on a particular button, such as New postCreate post or Add post, and then, once written the message, on another button called, usually, Publish.
In addition to simple text, depending on the context in which you are located, when you create a post there may also be the possibility to format the text and/or to add files, images, videos, links, tags and/or hashtag, or even emoticons, in such a way as to specify what you want to say.
Although a post is commonly public, there may also be cases in which the publication can take place in private, that is addressed only to a certain circle of people, or in a protected form, that is accessible only through a link or a special password. A post can also be published immediately or, if necessary, also scheduled, allowing it to be written at first and only published once a certain time has been reached.
As for the length of a post, let’s say that there is not a valid rule in general, thus giving the possibility to write more or less long posts depending on your needs. Sometimes, however, for reasons of space or special needs, constraints may be imposed to avoid exceeding a certain number of characters or words.

So at this point you should have finally understood what a post is.

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