Sites where you can download Subtitles for Films and Tv Series

If you are a fan of movies and TV series it is possible that you can find some only in the original language. Above all the most followed TV series are mainly in English because they are produced in the United States. The ideal would be a simultaneous translation, but you can not have everything and sometimes we have to fall back on native subtitles. Not all TV series, especially the American ones that not in your language, are provided with subtitles, so we are forced to search for them on the internet and download subtitles of films and TV series.

The purpose of this article is to report a series of sites, the most important ones, where to search and download subtitles that can be used with the TV series or films in the original language. So you can search for English subtitles or any other language.

The subtitles are in the form of files and can also be used with the films you bought in the original caskets and are not provided with subtitles, because they are in the international version.

If you find yourself in the situation of having to search for subtitles to enjoy the best movies and TV series in your favorite language, here are the best sites to download subtitles in all languages.

How to look for them

The search form is similar for all sites. Each has a search bar where you can enter the title of the TV series and select your preferred language and then start the search. You will be issued with a series of subtitle results, just click on the download button of the one you have chosen. In general, the download is free because provided by amateurs who provide their work for free.

It is understood that the subtitles cannot be used in an illegal way, but only when after buying a film in the original language.

Now let’s list the best sites to download subtitles for movies and TV series in the mother tongue.

Best sites to download subtitles

1.  MovieSubtitles

2.  ISubtitles

3.  OpenSubtitles

4.  Subscene

5.  TVSubtitles

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