For those who want to learn English or another language or practice and improve pronunciation, what better way than watching a free movie in native English with English subtitles? But what most helps in understanding the pronunciation are the subtitles in the language that appear when you watch the movie. If you are looking for a site containing movies and TV series streaming in mother tongue, in this article you will find a way to watch movies in English with English subtitles.

Why is it important to watch films in English?

If you are learning the language, the best way to practice it is to practice it in places where the language is spoken, but this is not always possible. The first alternative accessible to all is to read books in the language, but the limit of this solution is the lack of pronunciation. The only real solution to learn English for free, besides of course talking to mother tongue people, is the vision of English films where you can hear the exact pronunciation of the words with overlapping the texts of the dialogues in English with subtitles in the same language, in way to learn how a word is pronounced.

How to find the best sites to watch movies in English with English subtitles?

It is not easy to find free streaming movies in mother tongue with English subtitles. After research, I came across a site that will be discussed below, which impressed me. This interesting site is called iTVMovie. In it you can directly view streaming movies for free in mother tongue in many countries. But the interesting thing is that they are all subtitled in English. So, you can watch free movies in mother tongue with English subtitles, or Iranian, Spanish and other languages but always with English subtitles.

How to use iTVMovie

The iTVMovie site is a container of films in English with subtitles, but not only, because you can also find movies in streaming for free in many other languages. To access the site go to the following link.

LINK | iTVMovie

Movies on itvmovie can watch them in streaming or download them on your computer to watch them offline. Films in English with English subtitles can be searched by genre, by language, or choose from movies or TV series. At this point, the list of movie posters and the original language is shown. Just click on it and select Watch to start watching the movie streaming for free. Alternatively, you can select the Download button to download it to your computer. If you see any popups, just close it and you’ll start watching the movie.

What to do if the site requires registration or insertion of a credit card?

Many readers ask us if they need to enter their credit card details to view the videos. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NO. If you are asked to enter personal data do not do it. Most likely you have clicked some advertising that asks you to enter this data. If you sign up in these pages, close them immediately.

What to do if the site has been blacked out in your country?

It may happen that the site is obscured in different countries. If you can not access it, proceed as follows. Using the browser, connect to the site. On the page that will open click on the English flag on the left. It will open a new page with a box, in which you have to type the site Click on the Surf anonymously button and you will be able to access the itvmovie site and resume watching movies with English subtitles.

Where to download subtitles?

If some films are not provided with subtitles, the solution is to download them from the internet to your computer. On the web there are many sites that allow you to download subtitles of films and TV series in different languages. If you are interested in this solution, I suggest you read the guide on the sites where you can download movie and TV series subtitles.


If you encounter problems while using this great service to watch movies in English with English subtitle, do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this via the comments you find at the end of this article.

Sites where you can download Subtitles for Films and Tv Series


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