Spotify on Apple Watch is reality: here’s how to download it

Spotify can also be used on Apple Watch: the popular application dedicated to music streaming is now available for download.

After several years of waiting, finally Spotify has arrived on Apple Watch: the popular app dedicated to playing and listening to streaming music is now available for download on the Apple smartwatch, with an exclusive customized version of the native operating system WatchOS.

Apple Watch is perhaps one of the most discussed objects in Apple, with its fascinating design and the ability to always have the messages, emails, and some of their reference app to play sports and listen to music at hand.

The prolonged absence of Spotify on Apple Watch has made many Apple users argue in the past: the wrist application of the popular music service has never been available and, in its place, many users have found themselves having to ferry on Apple Music (to the detriment of Swedish software).

Spotify on Apple Watch, differences and how it works

From today all this is bound to change, and all subscribers to Spotify will be able to listen to music on Spotify while they run, pedal or simply walk around the city wearing a pair of bluetooth headphones.

Spotify has released the one that, as indicated by the description, is the first version of the new application designed for Apple Watch, suggesting the arrival in the near future of more specifications and new features (a first version of the app had appeared a few days ago in beta testing).

Spotify for Apple Watch is now available for download on the App Store: to download the application on your Apple Watch you have to do is update your app on iOS 12 via your iPhone and iPad.

At that point, the Apple smartwatch version will automatically appear in your watch face, using the roundish widget in the application home. If auto installation is disabled, you can always download the app manually from your device.

Unfortunately, for the moment, the application of Spotify for Apple Watch will not completely replace the native app (on iPhone or iPad) for music streaming and offline playback (as already happens on Apple Music) but will be limited to the control remotely from the multimedia clock to the iPhone: in short, you can not leave the house without the iPhone to use it.

Of course, compared to the past is a big step forward but for the future we hope further updates regarding the offline playback: on Apple Watch, in addition to the official music streaming of the apple, there are already several audio apps like Overcast and Audible can handle at best the playback of files after a first synchronization. We will see how the app will develop in future releases, but for now it’s a good start for all the owners of the elegant device made in Cupertino.

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