Technology Trends in 2020 : You should keep eyes on

The year 2020 promises to be a year of many changes in the field of technology. From artificial intelligence and autonomous driving to personalized and predictive medicine, the future is wide open and offers a lot of promise to those looking for careers in these fields. As far as the user end, the possibilities are endless. As technology develops and the usefulness expands, the end-user will find more ways to manifest such feats into their daily lives. It will truly be a history-changing time.

One major change will be the source of power, and how we as consumers access power, such as batteries. To an average consumer, buying power may seem like a common occurrence, but with the trending of technology in 2020, you will not only need to make the decision to purchase the power, but you will need to purchase the right kind of power. Industrial batteries and chargers from will be in great demand.  Power sources are changing in their variability and expansion of uses.

Security is a huge issue in tech and 2020 will bring no exception to the importance of security. In fact, with the expansion of the dark web, people are finding it more difficult to keep others away from navigating potentially harmful sites. It seems the dark web has had a lot of tentacles in the real world, spreading out for more users. Technological trends in 2020 will work to circumvent the expansion of the dark web and make it more difficult to navigate to those harmful sites. Although this may seem intrusive to some who believe the internet should be free without one single bit of restraint, there is a positive side to ensuring groups such as ISIS are stopped by way of investigating terrorist activity on the dark web.

Artificial intelligence seems to be a hot topic for technological trends because people simply do not know or understand its limitations. It seems there really are no limits and that can be a dangerous and beautiful thing. It may have the ability to create, foster growth, help communities, develop people to their fullest potential. It may also become controlling or manipulative, stripping away freedom just as quickly as it allows.

One sector of business looking into artificial intelligence as a substitute for human interaction is the hospitality sector. They have found that recruiting artificial intelligence is easier because the AI’s are doing what they are programmed to do. This isn’t to say that humans are going to be useless, but artificial intelligence will exist to serve so that humans can perform and serve at a higher level.

Autonomous driving is an important technological trend in 2020. Trucking firms nationwide are finding it more difficult to recruit, hire, and retain drivers. Transportation and logistics are the lifeblood of the consumer economy. Things need to move in order to be purchased. Autonomous driving allows for an operator to transport items without ever leaving the driving panel, which is a computer that controls the truck.

While this has many dangerous potentials, the positives are enormous with cost savings at an inestimable level. The reality of autonomous driving is not a distant horizon. Developers are working on making it more of a reality every day. Consumers are seeing it on their end as well with the advent of driverless cars. Safety is, of course, a major concern. The developers, however, contend that the safety measures taken by the computer are actually more effective than those taken by a human in similar crash scenarios. The autonomous driving mechanism simply does not make the errors in judgment which may befall a human if driving into a crash environment.

Predictive medicine and personalized health care is a technology trend for 2020. As medicine evolves and becomes more intertwined with technology, the needs of the patient become more transparent and visible to health care practitioners. Predictive medicine uses technology to assign medication that can be used in scenarios such as cancer, AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases. The personalized health care section allows for technology to understand and know the individual, acting almost like a real physician. It can prescribe and offer diagnostic assistance to those who need it the most.

The year 2020 will have a vast amount of technological advancements and opportunities. However, these five changes will have the greatest impact on the livelihood of people, both from a medical and economic angle.

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