How to hide the contents of notifications(preview) on iPhone and iPad

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Starting from iPhone X and iPad Pro (2018) Apple has seen fit to hide the content of notifications within the lock screen until it recognizes face of the actual owner. In reality, this function has been present for a very long time on all the smartphones and tablets of the same company, but it is simply not active by default. Through some short steps within the system settings, we will then activate it and have a solution similar to the one present in the latest models, on the older ones.

Protect iPhone and iPad notifications from prying eyes

To “hide the contents of the notifications” it is intended to substantially display in the screen lock only the name of the app from which the notice arrives accompanied by the wording “notification”, “2 notifications”, “3 notifications” and so on. Everything is only revealed once the user is recognized by Touch ID, Face ID or simple alphanumeric/numeric code.

The “mystery” could actually even be maintained even after recognition, if of course the user decides to hide notifications until he decides to enter the specific app. Obviously, once the function is activated, all the notices received will be indecipherable, even those coming from less secret apps such as video games.

To hide notifications:

  • Open the “Settings” application
  • Continue with “Notifications” and then with “Show previews”
  • Choose between: Always, When unlocked and Never.

Obviously with the option active on “Always” the notifications will never be hidden and therefore will remain visible for everyone. With “When unlocked” instead it will be necessary to carry out the recognition with advanced code or unlocking systems and with “Never” will be invisible all the time. To change the setting again, just go back the same way and choose how to interact.


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