Here are the RAREST Valorant Skins of All Time

There is a huge selection of weapons skins available in Valorant. Skins are divided between five different tiers, each offering different aesthetic upgrades, sound effects, and other unique features. At the time of writing, there are more than 475 different weapon skins available. Although Valorant doesn’t support skin trading, as in the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, many players are seeking out the most exclusive skins around. New to Valorant and need help finding the rarest skins of all time? Our guide breaks down all the basics. 

the RAREST Valorant Skins of All Time

1. Oni Phantom 

The Oni Phantom is one of the most beautiful Valorant skins of all time. This weapon skin takes its name from a monster from Japanese mythology. Anyone familiar with the folklore will appreciate the unique aesthetics on display here. Although impressive to look at, the Oni Phantom also delivers when it comes to in-game performance. When used to put down an enemy, a ghastly Oni will appear. The Oni Phantom also boasts original sound effects that set it apart from other Valorant weapons. 

2. Recon Balisong

Is your arsenal in need of some edged weapons? The Recon Balisong will make a fine addition to your repertoire. This is essentially a butterfly knife and is pretty stripped back when it comes to aesthetics. If you’re a fan of real-world militaria, you’ll love the matte black and blood-red details on show here. This knife also comes with some amazing animations. 

3. Reaver Operator 

Valorant’s Reaver Collection is one of most beloved weapon skin bundles of all time. However, it’s the Reaver Operator that’s the real standout. An awesome alternative to the Ion Operator, this sniper rifle needs to be seen to be believed. The intricate details and unique shape make it one of the most fearsome weapon skins in the game. It also comes loaded with original animations and sound effects that make it unlike anything else in the Valorant arsenal. 

4. Prime Karambit 

Here’s another rare knife skin worth getting excited about. The Prime Karambit isn’t the most realistic of edged weapons, but it stands apart from anything else in the game. The steel-gray and gold accents make it an instant favorite, while the glowing aesthetic is the icing on the cake. It also looks superb when deployed in the field, with incredibly fluid animations. 

5. Glitchpop Phantom 

Valorant’s Phantom comes in many varieties, but the Glitchpop is one of our favorites. Inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics, the Glitchpop Phantom will overhaul any arsenal. In terms of colorways, there’s nothing to match it in Valorant. Meanwhile, the eye-catching animations make it a wholly unique rifle. If you’re lucky enough to find it being sold in the skin shop, expect to fork out in the region of 2175 VP for it. 

Need a Refund? 

If you find a rare weapon skin for sale, it’s tempting to go all-in and part with precious Valorant Points to get your hands on it. Ultimately, however, you may find that you’re rarely adding your new purchase to your weapon loadout. The good news is that you can trade in most unused weapon skins for a full VP refund. Our handy guide outlines everything you need to know about how to get a Valorant refund on unused weapon skins. 

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