Tips to play Fifa 20 online in PC, Xbox, PS4

FIFA 20 is one of the most popular football games today. If you want to be an expert in the game, check out our tips on how to play Fifa 20 online and do well on the virtual lawns whether you are a player on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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How to play FIFA 20 online

To play FIFA 20 online on consoles, you will need to subscribe to the respective multiplayer game services for each platform: Xbox Live Gold from Microsoft, PlayStation Plus from Sony and Nintendo Switch Online from Nintendo. The PC version does not require a subscription to play over the internet.

As in previous editions, FIFA 20 has the traditional Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Seasons modes, but also brings a new feature: Volta mode. Find out how each of them works.

FIFA 20-1

In Ultimate Team, you can build your dream team with cards that represent the players of reality. It is the most popular mode of the game and EA, the developer of the game, has been betting on also turning it into a sport.

At Pro Clubs, you create your virtual athlete and can join up to 10 other players online in the same team to play 11 against 11. Based on your performance, your virtual ace evolves, and can help your team to reach at the top of the world ranking.

FIFA 20-2

The Seasons mode is the most “classic” of a football game: you choose your favorite club or selection and face other players online. Wins count points to move up the division and find better and better opponents.

New to FIFA 20, Volta mode is inspired by street football matches. Similar to the FIFA Street series launched in the 2000s, the player controls a team of three virtual athletes, facing other players in games filled with dribbling and effect moves.

Practical tips for playing FIFA 20 online

Knowing the game modes is just the beginning to succeed in FIFA 20 online. The franchise is famous for being easy to learn, but difficult to master. So it is important to understand the main aspects of the game to play better, win more matches and reach the top of the ranking.

Learn how to hit fouls and penalties

The mechanics for taking fouls and penalties in FIFA 20 are different from previous editions. You need to control the aim, the force of the kick and the trajectory, instead of just aiming for the goal and defining the power of the kick. It is also possible to place effects such as curves, and even bypass the barrier.

Use and abuse the training section to master the system and take advantage of dead-ball opportunities during matches.

FIFA 20-3

Know the tactical options

You can even play FIFA 20 online only in “pure skill”, but your life on the pitch can be made easier by using the tactic system. You can configure from the formation of your team to how it will behave at each moment of the match, either attacking quickly or defending with more depth.

Find out which tactic best suits your style of play, and don’t forget to activate them via shortcuts in the directional pad during matches.

FIFA 20-4

Train fundamentals of the game (pass, kick, mark, dribble)

Practice leads to perfection. If you have been struggling to finish or have been overwhelmed by opponents, it may be a good time to get back to training. FIFA 20 offers a large number of types of training for each fundamental of the game: pass, kick, mark and dribble.

They range from the basic level to the advanced level, consisting of “mini-games” that also earn scores to be compared with your friends. Train placed kicks, tossed passes and stolen balls so you don’t get ugly (and score a lot of goals) later.

FIFA 20-5

Keep calm and have fun

Nobody likes to lose, especially in competitive games. FIFA 20 is no different. If you notice that things are more difficult than usual, don’t just blame the game or the handcap.

Take a break, take a deep breath and try to analyze what went wrong. Is the appointment too busy? Can’t build the moves? Sometimes the opponent is really better, so try to understand what he does differently and what you can take advantage of to learn and evolve your style of play.

Now that you know how to play FIFA 20 online, don’t forget: winning is good, but having fun is even better!