Turkish Drone Machine Gunner can Fire Without Losing Stability

Asisguard has developed Songar, Turkey’s first armed drone system. The drone carries a machine gun and can stay focused on a target without harming the sight.

In the military, drones are commonly used to dismantle bombs, film strategic areas, transport dangerous packages, aid in rescue, etc. Large retailers also use them to transport goods. What was really missing was the drone turning into a war machine, and Songar eventually put an end to this wait.

Watch the Songar video in action:


You may be wondering why other drones may not have a fully functional machine gun either. It would be easy to attach a gun to a drone, right?

It’s not that simple. In addition to the weight of the weapon itself, it would still need to take care of the stability of the drone so that it could keep its aim focused on the target. And that is exactly what Songar does.

Asisguard uses multiple sensors to keep your drone completely stable while firing bullet blasts with a machine gun. In addition, the equipment has a robotic arm that moves to counteract the recoil of the weapon. An ordinary drone could be knocked down with a single shot, but the Songar remains stable, firing nonstop and missing the target.

Other countries may also dominate the technology, but only Turkey has the courage to expose it at the moment.

If drones like these start to be used in military combat, then there will be a need to develop as good a defense technology as this, which is attacking.

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