How to turn any Live Photo into an animated background

The animated backgrounds are becoming more popular for the screens of Apple users. In fact, there are more and more users, in possession of iPhone X and iPhone XS, who take advantage of the latter. The backgrounds available are very few, nevertheless it takes only a few moments to create new ones. In this article we will show you how to create animated wallpapers for iPhone.

Turn Live Photo into animated wallpapers

To create an animated background just snap a Live Photo through the camera of your iPhone. To shoot Live Photo the procedure to follow is extremely simple, in fact it will suffice that you access the camera and that you press the Live button you see in the picture.

Once you have captured your Live Photo, you will have to go to the Settings of your iPhone, select the Background item and then tap on Choose a new background. At this point you can select the background previously created, looking in the album Live Photo. Once you have found the Live Photo, you can press the Set button and immediately select an item from:

  • Screen lock: it will only be set in the lock screen;
  • Home screen: it will only be set on the Home screen;
  • Both: will be set both on the Home screen and in the lock screen.

This way you can turn any Live Photo into an animated background. Unfortunately, the quality will not be the same as those pre-installed on your Apple device, but slightly lower; furthermore, your backgrounds can be animated in the lock screen or create perspective games in the Home, but not both at the same time.

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