Security problem for PlayStation Network: credit card information associated with the PS4 account can easily be put at risk. What to do and how to defend yourself.
Unsafe PlayStation Network: credit card data at risk?

security problem seems to be affecting PS4 users registered with PlayStation Network: a flaw in the settings could easily put the credit card associated with the profile at risk.

Associating a payment method with your PlayStation Network account is a common setting for many users: buying games on offer for PS4 through the Sony digital store could put our finances at risk. To discover the security flaw is Mp1st which has widely reported the problem.

Is PlayStation Network Not Safe? That’s why it could put your credit card data at risk.

PlayStation Network not secure? Credit card data at risk

The problem encountered is closely linked to the security code associated with credit cards and paid, which would allow those who know the account login details to use the same to make purchases, thanks to the valuable information collected.

The CVV, the three-digit control code located on the back side of each credit card, is mandatory when saving the payment method on PSN but the latter is then not requested again by purchasing from the console (unless this is not be detected in a different geographical location or with a different connection from the one normally used).

A system that would be easily circumvented by different hackers, able to circumvent the request of the security code in a simple way: not only, by consulting various experts on the subject Mp1 st has found that the problem involves not only the possible login from PS4, but any device logged on to the PlayStation Network.

Unsafe PlayStation Network and credit cards: what to do

Sony has recently acknowledged the problem, except in completely official ways, by updating its FAQ page on security on PSN.

To protect your PlayStation Network account you can opt for different routes:

  • enable two-factor authentication, which allows a two-step verification that is difficult to circumvent by malicious parties;
  • use Paypal (avoiding being connected via automatic login);
  • use the so-called portfolio top-ups for PlayStation Network (which can be physically purchased according to various price cuts and subsequently used to credit money to spend in the store).


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