Simple Ways To Create An Amazing Promotional Video

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You want to promote your company’s brand online, but you’re unsure of where to start or what channels to use? A promotional film is an example of a track that produces outstanding outcomes. The visual effect of a well-crafted promotional film with a great video maker will create a favorable picture of your business in the minds of your consumers. 

If you want to produce a promotional video but aren’t sure how to go about it, you should use InVideo; it’s an excellent promo video maker. Follow the eight stages mentioned below to help you generate the ideal promotional video for your company.

Simple Ways To Create An Amazing Promotional Video

Tips to create a promotional video for your company

Identify your objectives

When attempting to produce a promotional video, the first step should be to identify the objectives that you want to accomplish via the film in question. Decide if the promotional film will target a specific event or will concentrate on the problems that your consumers are experiencing.

Because promotional films are so short, you should limit your message to two or three main themes. The majority of promotional films are between 30 seconds and 1 minute in duration. As a result, you should keep the screenplay as concise as possible and ensure that all of the essential elements you want to communicate are addressed in that video. Online video editors give you limitless editing options for your short video and make it engaging for the viewers.

Establish a format

When making a promotional film, you will need to include title cards, graphics and other visual elements. As a result, you should first create a list of everything included in the promotional film.

With proper planning, it is easy to complete the video shoot without experiencing too much difficulty. If you are creating a promotional film for an event, you must include a sample of footage from the event as part of your video.

If you want to emphasize a few different aspects, you may create several promotional films to do this (of short duration). Your brand, business or event should be highlighted in these films through a particular characteristic. Placing all of these videos on social media or any other platform will allow you to develop an exciting narrative that will capture the attention of your target audience.

Find the optimal length of time

At the beginning of the planning process, it would be ideal to determine the promotional film’s length. The duration of the promotional movie might range from 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on where you want to show it. If you do not decide on the movie’s length early on, it may wind up being longer, and you will not be able to concentrate on the most critical parts properly.

The duration of the promotional film directly affects the amount of money you have to spend. If you want to film a promotional video that is 2 to 5 minutes long, it will be more expensive than shooting a video that is just 30 seconds long. There are many apps which allow you to trim your video and only show the main parts that you have shot for the audience.

Create a video of yourself

Once you have completed the screenplay, you will be ready to begin filming the promotional video. It would be preferable if you could employ the services of a production firm rather than do it yourself (if you do not have the necessary expertise and abilities). You should request assistance from the production firm in terms of casting and the location where the filming will be taking place.

You may also consult with them on what sort of tone you should use in your writing. The video’s style may be direct, dramatic, playful, conversational, funny, inspiring or any combination.


Having finished the video shoot, you will need to spend some time editing the video to make it as polished as possible before publishing it. If you are conveying critical information via this promotional film, you must add graphic tables that are visually appealing and simple to comprehend to communicate with your target audience effectively. When graphics are strategically placed, they may help you draw attention to essential information such as the end of sale date, some discount codes, and so on.

Identify the most appropriate distribution channels

As soon as you have completed creating your promotional video, you must choose the most effective method to distribute it via various channels to reach your target audience.

There are various methods by which such films may be marketed, including sending them to your customers, posting them on your website, publishing them on different social media platforms, and using sponsored advertisements to re-engage your followers on the internet. You must choose which marketing channel or combination of marketing channels will provide you with the most opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Make viewers want to watch the video by attracting their attention

To guarantee that your promotional video is seen by your target audience, you must use the most up-to-date SEO approach. Essential SEO techniques include adding keywords into the video’s title, metadata, and tags, amongst other things. Additionally, you should provide a video site map for the benefit of search engine crawlers.

Furthermore, posting links to your video on different social media platforms aids the search engine in improving its position, and resulting in increased visibility online for your video content.

Increase the conversion rate

If you are releasing a promotional film to increase sales of your goods, you must concentrate on developing a conversion optimization plan. Make sure that you include a Call to Action (CTA) button in the video, as this will assist you in substantially increasing your conversion rate.

You should do frequent analyses of the drop-off point, which is the moment at which the majority of viewers abandon the video. To keep your viewers’ attention, you may either reduce the footage to the drop-off point (if feasible) or include a CTA button well before the drop-off point to encourage them to take action.


Videos that promote your company may be very successful, not just to increase brand recognition but also to increase your sales. Depending on your budget, you may film four or five advertising videos with the help of a promo video maker and distribute one per month. Following the publication of each video, you must concentrate on the creation of leads. After you have posted all of your films to the internet and collected a large number of tips and data, you can devote all of your attention to sales.

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