Today we will see 5 sites with tools to number the pages of a PDF online and free: each of these portals has an easy-to-use interface, which makes the addition of numbering on PDF pages very simple and immediate. Some of these sites also provide you with other interesting features, such as the ability to set the page range, or to number only odd or even pages. Besides all this, you can define the position of the number, the font, the size and any other element of the formatting.


The first of the best sites to number the pages of a PDF online and free is ILovePDF: a portal that allows you to apply the numbering to your files through a simple option. Among other things, on this website you can also select a particular font, a specific color or set the size of the numbers differently. You can also select the first page by excluding it as the cover page, or set the different page ranges you want to number. Basically, on ILovePDF you will find a real paradise of features and options to modify this file format.

Also turns out to be one of the best sites to number PDFs, and for sure it is our favorite, with the only defect that allows you to upload only one file at a time. Having made this important premise, on you can for example set the page range, add numbers in the different positions of the sheet, define the alignment, choose the font and style, and so on. Then it should be added that the interface of this site is very simple and also its use is immediate: an option that we would like to recommend you warmly. is another interesting website, which makes simplicity its best feature, with its pros and cons. This means that if you simply want to add the numbering to the pages of your PDF file, with this site you can do it literally with a snap of fingers. But if you need a portal for more professional needs, or simply because you want to play with other options related to numbering, then this is not the tool for you, as very basic and brittle. Despite this, the site still allows you to change the size and character.

The fourth of the best sites to number the pages of a PDF online and free is even in this case we talk about a basic tool, which still allows you to add up to 10 PDFs at a time, which is nothing short of extraordinary. It should also be noted that this site is able to add batch numbering, but we do not recommend using it, as it is full of bugs and does nothing but shoot error messages. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side and avoid wasting time, it is better to add the numbering to a PDF at a time.

We have decided to close our current guide with It is a website with excellent features and a number of more than good options, which you can then consider as an alternative to the first two sites to number the pages of a PDF of our list. Specifically, you can set the page number style, then define alignment, font, color and size.


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