WhatsApp for tablets: the Beta arrives on Android

WhatsApp also lands on tablets: the trial version for android arrives to use the app on portable screens, albeit with some limitations.

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, is finally available on tablets, even if only for Android devices.

The app dedicated to the exchange of messages, photos, videos (and now also stickers ) will be in Beta, allowing developers to study limits and specifications to be finished waiting for the future official launch (even for iPad with iOS).

After several years of waiting, and third-party apps with a very complicated and inefficient use, it seems to have really opened the door to Whatsapp for tablets, a specific long-requested by lovers of smart tablets. The app is available and downloadable on Android via the Google Play Store, despite having some limitations of use.

WhatsApp on tablet: how it works

Just apk and external extensions, WhatsApp for tablets can be downloaded in an official version by all interested users in Beta.

The use of the app in question, however, involves some limitation, with some functions that may not yet be available or purely demonstrative. This is a real test, so it is necessary to download the application accepting to find itself, in fact, with a version still raw compared to the features we already know.

A first bug, for example, could be represented by the warning that appears as soon as you download WhatsApp on our tablet: a message will in fact say that the app is not supported by the devices of the green robot. Do not panic, start WhatsApp anyway, which will have no problem running smoothly on your version of Android.

The only big limit at the moment is the impossibility to use our Whatsapp account also on tablets: to chat you will need to create a new profile, being the app on the phone associated with a specific telephone number. It goes without saying that the only way to use the Beta is to be in possession of a tablet with a SIM support, with the corresponding active phone card.

In fact, given the nature of WhatsApp, it is not possible to use the version now available without a phone number and an active mobile network. All tablets with only Wi-Fi connection are excluded.

It can not be excluded that, in the future, WhatsApp can find a way to also meet users without SIM, with a similar use to the Web version for PC, so as to allow the synchronization of our messages for other types of support, like a tablet.

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