Instagram “Your activity”: how to see how much time you spend on the app

“Your activity” is the new feature from Instagram that allows you to control how much time you spend on the app, but not all users can still use it

Instagram has been testing a new feature called “Your activity” for a few weeks. The option allows us to measure and monitor the activity and time spent on Instagram in a simple and intuitive way.

Are you smartphone-addicted and Instagram is one of your favorite apps? If you find yourself wasting hours between photos, videos and Stories, Instagram has been thinking of you.

To find out how much time to spend on Instagram and stem the dependency on the social you will need a few simple steps, even if the function is currently undergoing a break-in and not yet available for all accounts and smartphones.

“Instagram: Your activity” is currently undergoing rollout for selected smartphone models, and more specifically iPhone. Currently, Android models and some iPhone 6s/6s Plus and lower are excluded, finding the function exclusively for iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus and for the newest models iPhone X/Xs and Xs Max.

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Your Instagram activity: where it is and how it works

Measuring how much time we spend on Instagram is very simple. Open the application, from the timeline (so to speak, the interface containing the feeds of the posted content and Stories) click on your profile (bottom right, select the icon of your profile, next to the heart indicating the like ); in the page of your profile click the settings menu at the top right (the one with the classic sandwich icon); done this, here you will find the option Your activity.

Your activity will show you as the first element the time spent on Instagram, with the daily average indicated in minutes or hours monitored in the last seven days of use. Soon after, in fact, we find a chart that visually shows us our daily average per week, and finally a series of options.

Reminders and limited notifications

Under “Manage your time” you can click on several options: set a daily reminder and notification settings. The first will allow you to set a limit on the use of application, which will be notified by some daily reminders near the deadline; the second one will allow you to filter notifications, limiting their use only to those desired, ignoring those that we do not want to receive.

The function will soon be available for all devices. Currently it is not entirely clear how the selection takes place: some users report the use of the function My activity only on the basis of some profiles.

Adding your profile through the add an account function on a smartphone enabled by the new option may prove futile. “My activity” is being tested, very similarly, even for Facebook: the two social networks are now part of the same family, and in the intent of the developers there is precisely the use of these two platforms more and more safe, aware, and responsible.

As an alternative to My activity, you can use the functions regarding the time of use of our devices, which divide the time of daily use also for apps, available on both iOS 12 and Android.

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