Here are Best Free alternatives to Excel for Windows, Mac and Linux

The Excel spreadsheet is the most widely used spreadsheet software in the world. However, it is licensed software and not everyone can afford to buy it.

What is a spreadsheet? It is a spreadsheet that you can use to perform mathematical calculations in real time. It is a table divided into cells where you can enter numbers, formulas or functions.

Here are Best Free alternatives to Excel for Windows, Mac and Linux

Are there alternatives to Excel?

Luckily Yes. There are other open-source software and spreadsheets or freeware that perform many functions similar to Microsoft Excel but can be used for free. I’ll explain what they are. The main free alternatives are Calc and Google Sheets.


It is the most popular open source spreadsheet software. You can freely download, install and use on any PC running Windows, Linux, MacOS. You can choose between the Libre Calc and OpenOffice Calc versions.

How to install Calc?

Go to the official Libre Office website, download and install the Libre suite on your PC. It’s free.

Google sheets

It is a free spreadsheet that can be used online. So, you can’t install it on your PC, to use it you need to have an internet connection. You can use it from your PC with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac) and even from your tablet or from your Android or iOS smartphone.

If you already have a Google account you can find it among the various free Google Drive tools.

If you do not have a Google account, you can register a Google account.

It can be opened for free and is forever.

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