Within the App Store there are thousands of applications that allow you to create photo collages in a simple and quick way to share through Instagram Stories. However, the thing that could most annoy any user is surely the obligation to have to occupy further the memory of the device for a service of which use is made less intense. In this guide we will understand how to “bypass” the download of third-party applications and create a photo collage directly on Instagram.

Instagram Stories are even more productive on the iPhone

Unfortunately, at least for the moment, it seems that the following procedure does not lead to any results on devices with Android operating system and for this reason we will illustrate everything on iOS. Each step will be absolutely simple and everything will be based on “copy and paste” actions.

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Access the Stories creation screen
  • Take a photo (preferably of a single color)
  • Exit the app and open the photo gallery
  • Choose the first image to insert into the collage
  • Click on the sharing button at the bottom left and then on “Copy”
  • Return to the Instagram Stories creation screen
  • Click on “Add sticker” at the bottom left

This procedure will add a single image to the story, but simply repeat the internal process to enrich it with more photos. In the end the result will be similar to the following one.


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