Instagram, for some years now, has managed to transform the Stories into one of the most used and appreciated features by users. This obviously thanks to the continuous expansion of the services offered within the same platform. We refer above all to stickers, polls, questions, effects and much more. Today we therefore want to add a further method of customization of the aforementioned contents, going to personally create any sticker to paste in the photos or videos to share. Unfortunately, at least for the moment, this process seems to work exclusively on the iPhone.

Use the “copy and paste” of the iPhone to create a sticker to use in Instagram stories

Just as anticipated, the following steps will be shown only on iOS, since the Instagram application for Android does not appear to be compatible with the function. In any case, everything will be based on classic “copy and paste” actions, just like you do continuously in text fields. 

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Access the Stories creation screen
  • Take a picture or record a video
  • Exit the app and open Safari
  • Search Google for any image you want to use as an adhesive (better with a transparent base). In the example you find “Apple”
  • Select it and hold on it for a few moments
  • Click on “Copy” in the pop-up that appears
  • Return to the Instagram Stories creation screen
  • Click on “Add sticker” at the bottom left

At this point you will find the selected image in the previous photo/video and this will be recognized as if it were a real Instagram sticker. Obviously you can resize, move or “fix” in a specific point of our interest (in the case of videos).


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