You have the memory full of media and now you want to know how to delete the photos of WhatsApp automatically? Right, so keep reading! We have the simplest method for you. Find out how to delete WhatsApp photos automatically with just three simple steps.

WhatsApp is a multiplatform messaging service and Voice Over IP. WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who had previously spent 20 years together on Yahoo. It debuted as an exclusive service for iOS at the end of 2009, until it appeared on the Google Play Store in mid-2010 and on Windows phones in 2011. It was made available on desktops with Windows and MacOS in 2016. It is the most popular messaging application in 2018 with over one and a half billion active users worldwide with over 300 million users only in India. It was purchased by Facebook.Inc in 2014 for $19.3 billion.

How to delete WhatsApp photos automatically

WhatsApp Messenger facilitates the rapid transfer of texts, photos, videos, gifs and other files to more people on WhatsApp. These features have made WhatsApp the app that is today but the media files forwarded on WhatsApp can really affect the internal storage of any Android user. At some point in time, mainly for phones with less internal memory, it affects the performance of the device.

To solve this problem, many resort to manually deleting photos from their gallery but we do not always remember to do this. So if you’re one of these WhatsApp users, we’ve found a way to do it automatically.

How to delete unwanted photos from WhatsApp automatically:

There are many third-party apps on the Google Play Store that can solve this problem. But many apps are confusing and full of advertising, so here is our best choice for doing this job.

  • Download the app called Magic Cleaner from this link: Download. With the help of this app, you can eliminate all the junk photos in a very easy and precise way.
  • Once downloaded, open the app from your application menu and make sure you have the data connection enabled on your device.
  • When the app opens, you will be asked to grant permissions. Go ahead and grant permission so that the app can analyze your photos.
  • Then the app will start to analyze the photos of WhatsApp stored on your device by comparing them with images of its database to check whether it is junk mail or not. It can range from one minute to 10 minutes depending on the amount of data stored on your device.
  • Give the final permission to delete all the photos once the scan is finished the application will delete these images permanently from the phone.

By following this method, you can easily delete the WhatsApp junk images from the phone automatically.

If you do not like this app, you can also consider these others:

  1. Gallery Doctor
  2. Stash Junk Photo and Video Cleaner

These are some simpler ways to automatically delete WhatsApp photos. Let us know your experience with these apps on your Android device.


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