Gmail: schedule emails to be sent (even in 50 years)

On Gmail the possibility to schedule and post the sending of an email has arrived, up to 50 years in the future. Here are all the news and how the new function will work.
Gmail: schedule emails to be sent (even in 50 years)

Gmail is one of the most used e-mail services: Google emails have millions of users all over the world who use the service every day for work, to register online or to send personal messages. Google has recently begun to renew its email client and a great and awaited news is about to arrive, the possibility of scheduling the emails to be sent.

This option, available for other services, is not yet officially available on Gmail but the arrival of scheduled emails seems to be scheduled for the next few weeks.

Gmail: how to schedule the sending of an email

The possibility to set the sending of an email according to a certain date and a certain day is undoubtedly useful, especially for those who exploit the possibilities of Gmail for work.

Sending a delayed email is currently only possible using some external services, such as LetterMeLate, which are often not entirely reliable or not recommended by the clients themselves (in order not to put the security of your account at risk).

No more alarms and notices to send emails early in the morning or late at night: through the “schedule email” option, which will be available next to the others, it will be possible to choose the exact time and day to send a message, with a calendar which will also include months and years. Just this last detail is the protagonist of a curious detail, since it is possible to schedule the sending of an email up to 50 years in the future.

How will it work? Simple: the email scheduled on Gmail will be inserted into Google’s servers, which will send the message scheduled previously regardless of our connection. It will also be possible to reconsider, canceling the submission before the actual date.

This new feature updates again the emails of the big G, a few weeks after the arrival of the new options related to the right button in the desktop version, which activate different shortcuts. The intent of Google is clearly to provide users with a service that is increasingly updated and commensurate with the needs and requests sent over the years.

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