Google Maps in incognito mode iOS and Android

The incognito mode has arrived on Google Maps for iOS and Android: this is how it works, what changes and how to navigate and set routes in complete anonymity and without leaving a trace.

Google Maps in incognito mode iOS and Android: what's the use, how does it work?

Browsing and using Google Maps in incognito mode on iOS and Android is possible: the most used map app as a mobile satellite navigator, now allows you to search and set routes in complete anonymity and security.

What is it exactly and how does Google Maps work in incognito mode? In a way very similar to the browser counterpart, which allows browsing even from PCs and smartphones and iOS / Android tablets, this setting allows Google maps to be used without leaving any trace in complete anonymity.

Even the data, which usually converge and are analyzed by the Mountain View giant, through the incognito mode on Google Maps are safe and allow you to make your own journeys with extra security and “without a trace”.

Google Maps: iOS/Android incognito mode, how it works

Using Google Maps anonymously is already possible on all Android devices while the announcement of its arrival on iOS has recently opened to a transitory rollout that will most likely lead to its more definitive implementation.

But how do you navigate incognito from WhatsApp? To do this, all you have to do is open the app, tap on your profile photo located at the top right and in the options select incognito browsing mode.

At this point, all the part inherent to your profile will turn black and the passage to the incognito version will immediately be signaled, with the by now famous icon that reminds us of a detective.

What is the use of it? In addition to not storing your browsing data in any way, including history, this setting excludes 100% of advertisements on the places you visit. Greater privacy for BIG G, always at the center of controversy over the actual use of its users’ data. If you want to have an extra barrier, the incognito mode is for you.

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