Netflix and Hulu are the best entertaining platforms and many of us love to enjoy watching the latest movies and TV shows there. Here you can find all your favorite reality shows and original series. Watching them on Hulu can be troublesome. You can watch series from all over world using a dedicated VPN for Hulu or Netflix without any restrictions.

Hey, but wait! Are you satisfied with the streaming service of Hulu and Netflix on iOS? One problem is to pick the correct streaming service you are looking for. The reason is that these streaming sites have a lot to watch and their apps lack customizable features.

Here we share some ways to enjoy smooth streaming and access the content easily at your fingertips.

  • Previously using Netflix on your iPhone was a nightmare for many users as you must jailbreak your device. But now the new official Netflix app allows you to stream content to your iPhone effortlessly. Make sure you are aware of the must-have iOS apps for Netflix. These apps take your Netflix experience to the next level, using them you can connect with your friend and both of you can enjoy the same Netflix content together. Using the correct VPN services, you can enjoy unlimited fun without any location restrictions.
  • In the case of Hulu if you want to access TV series from other country, you require an established VPN that allows access to Hulu. It allows unlimited bandwidth and facilitates fast speeds. You need not worry about the low quality or buffering streams with this solution. But make a wise decision and choose a VPN that can disable the IPv6 setting. Otherwise, Hulu can identify your real location and block you.

Use Netflix in the ‘Manual mode’. Create a playlist according to your likes. This helps you to view your favorite shows in your preferred order. Another advantage of enabling manual mode is that you can be aware of the television shows and movies that are retiring soon. These details are present in the ‘My List’ section.

  • While using Hulu, just employ a remote desktop application and you can enjoy the video content on your iOS device. You can also stream this content on a desktop or laptop. Make sure to install the software on your host computer and your mobile device. Also, ensure that you allow access to your computer through a mobile device in a different location. You can also log into your desktop using your iPhone and then launch the browser.

Netflix has tens of thousands of shows and movies. So, when you return to Netflix after some months you may find it difficult to see your watch history. Just click ‘Play Netflix Roulette’ and choose the genre of the movie. Click the spin button and few suggestions would pop up. Then, you can filter the results based on the hero’s name, director’s name or other attributes.

  • Let’s go through the steps to tune your iOS Wi-Fi settings for new Netflix content. First, ensure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is connected to a Wi-Fi network with internet access. Now, go to Settings → Wi-Fi and click the blue arrow on the Wi-Fi name. Go down to “DNS” and delete the numbers that are there and replace it with desired values. If the Netflix app is already open in the multitasking bar, then close the app from the taskbar. Finally, re-launch the app from your home screen. These steps should be done every time irrespective of different Wi-Fi networks.


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