What happens if I delete WhatsApp account

What happens if I delete WhatsApp account on iPhone or Android? We are often asked. Just out of curiosity, would you like to know what happens if you delete your WhatsApp profile. Every time a number disappears from your address book, you always ask yourself this question. To reveal the mystery, you’ve decided to search the web. And here you have arrived here.

In this guide, I’ll explain exactly what happens if I delete WhatsApp account. I tell you what are the consequences resulting from the permanent removal of your number from the application system. So, if you agree, I’d say we can start right away.

What happens if I delete WhatsApp account

When you ask yourself what happens if I delete WhatsApp account, the first thing you need to know is that, by doing so, your friends will continue to see the chats in which you were present. That is, they will still be able to view the messages you sent them. Of course, they will also be able to view photos and videos, listen to voice notes and check out shared documents. What they will no longer be able to do, however, is send messages or call you via WhatsApp. If someone is spying on WhatsApp, for example, they will not be able to do so if you delete. However, please note that it may still spy on you by other applications.

That said, you just have to answer the question what happens if I delete WhatsApp account on iPhone or Android. Well, first of all your number will be permanently removed from WhatsApp servers. It will not be like when you uninstall the application, because you will abandon all the groups. In addition, the cancellation of the chat history and messages will also occur automatically. All backups on iCloud (if you use iOS) or backups on Google Drive (if you use Android) will be automatically destroyed. For more, you will lose your profile picture, your status updates and info.

Here is the question of whether I delete WhatsApp account. Please note that this is not the best way to change numbers on WhatsApp. However, if you’re doing it for other purposes and you’re willing to proceed, here’s what you need to do: to delete your WhatsApp account, go in Setting > Accountand choose the Delete account option. Then enter your phone number and press the Delete Red Account button again. Within a few minutes, you will be forgotten by the system.

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