How to hide WhatsApp profile picture

For privacy reasons, you may want to know how to hide WhatsApp profile photo. Anyone who knows your phone number can register it in their address book and, depending on your account settings, may display the contact namestatusprofile picture and time of last access. Also, you could even see if you’re online. This is usually the method used to recognize an unknown number. However, this procedure is often used by those who try to spy on other contacts. So, it’s better that you know how to hide WhatsApp profile picture, in order to protect the account as soon as you deem it necessary. In this guide, I’ll explain how it’s done.

How to hide WhatsApp profile picture on iPhone

If you use an iOS device, you can hide WhatsApp profile image very simply. To do this, you must first open WhatsApp, move to the Settings tab, tap the Account option and choose Privacy.

Once you have entered this section, you can hide WhatsApp profile photo. To do this, you must select the Profile image option and decide who you want to show it to. You can choose between AllMy contacts or None.

The choice, in this case, will be between My contacts or None. The difference lies in the fact that if you choose My contacts, the profile picture will be shown to all the contacts you have registered in the address book. While selecting None, any person will see the mysterious user in place of your image.

How to hide WhatsApp profile picture on Android

While using an Android smartphone, the procedure to make the profile image disappear is almost the same. The first thing you need to do is enter WhatsApp, press the Menu button and follow the pathSetting > Account > Privacy.

In the Privacy screen, you can hide WhatsApp profile photo. To do this, you have to press on the Profile image entry and choose one of the two options between My contacts or None. This preference, you have to set it according to what you decide. In the first case, you will show the profile picture to some contacts, but in the second you will not show it to anyone.

Finally, I remind you that with a similar procedure, you could also hide the last visit on WhatsApp. This could be useful for you to make sure that others do not even see your last access.

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